how to center page horizontally in excel 2013

How to Horizontally Center a Printed Spreadsheet in Excel 2013

When you build a spreadsheet in Microsoft Excel 2013, your initial concern is often with the data that you enter. It’s important that the data is correct and in an understandable state so that it can be evaluated correctly by interested parties. But sometimes you need to print that spreadsheet, and the default print settings … Read more

how to switch to narrow margins in excel for office 365

How to Use Narrow Margins in Excel for Office 365

Sometimes when you have a spreadsheet that you need to print in Office 365, it might seem like the margins surrounding your data are much too large. This reduces the amount of information that you can fit on the page, and often results in creating printed documents that are much longer than they need to … Read more

how to print gridlines in excel 2013

How to Print Gridlines in Excel 2013

You might be interested in learning how to print gridlines in Excel 2013 if you have printed out a document and found it difficult to read because all of the data seemed to group together. The lines separating the cells on your spreadsheet, called gridlines, and a very important factor in making the spreadsheet easier … Read more