How to Change Margins in Google Docs

The default margins for a document that you create in Google Docs will be one inch on all sides. For many schools and organizations this is the standard, meaning that many Google Docs users won’t have a reason to change their margins. You can find more Google Docs tips at Unfortunately this is not … Read more

How to Exit Full Screen in Google Chrome (Windows)

Have you ever accidentally put an application into full-screen mode? This can happen to anyone, and it usually occurs because that application has a shortcut key that can toggle the window from regular to full screen mode. The Google Chrome Web browser on your Windows desktop or laptop computer is one such program that offers … Read more

Can I Open a Google Slides File in Powerpoint?

The Google Slides application is a great choice for people that need to create slideshows and want to be able to access and edit them from a variety of different devices. But sometimes you will need to do something that Google Slides doesn’t allow, or you feel more comfortable working in Powerpoint. In this situation, … Read more

How to Turn Off Chat in Gmail

When you set up a Google account to use Gmail, you gain access to a variety of other tools and services that Google offers. One of these is a chat feature that’s embedded into your Gmail interface. While the chat feature can be useful, it’s also susceptible to spam. Additionally it takes up some extra … Read more

How to Skip a Slide in Google Slides

When you create a slideshow in Google Slides, you typically have a specific audience in mind who will be viewing it. But occasionally you will need to give the same presentation to multiple groups, and parts of the presentation may not be relevant to both groups. Does your slideshow have slide numbers that you don’t … Read more

How to Remove Slide Numbers from Google Slides

Slide numbers in a slideshow provide a way for you, as the presenter, to know where you are in the presentation. It also offers a reference point for your audience when they are asking questions, or later referencing something that they saw. But if your current presentation has slide numbers and you don’t want them, … Read more