How to Take Off Subject on iPhone

When you send a text message from your iPhone you can include a number of different things. If it’s an iMessage you can include some fun things like a digital touch message or an animated GIF, while you can send images to both iMessage and text message recipients. But you might have noticed that your … Read more

Where is Auto Lock on the iPhone 5?

While it’s very easy to lock the screen on your iPhone by pressing the Power button on the side of the device, it’s also very easy to forget to do it when you’re done using the phone. Fortunately your iPhone has a setting called auto-lock that will automatically lock the screen when you haven’t interacted … Read more

How to Upload iPhone Videos to YouTube in HD

The iPhone camera has continued to improve over time as new iPhone models are released. You can now take high-definition pictures and videos with your iPhone that look very impressive on large televisions and monitors. Occasionally you might record a video on your iPhone that you would like to upload to YouTube. However, if you … Read more

How to Put the Battery Percentage on the iPhone 5C

The battery on your iPhone can become one of the more important factors when you are using the device. It is of particular importance when you use the phone a lot, and being able to properly evaluate how much battery life you have left is important in ensuring that your phone doesn’t die at an … Read more

what is a badge app icon on an iphone 7

What is a Badge App Icon on the iPhone 7?

Your iPhone notifications come in many forms. Perhaps the most common are the alerts or banners that appear at the center or top of your screen to let you know that you have a new text message, or that there is information that requires your attention. But another common notification is called a Badge App … Read more