How to Put the Battery Percentage on the iPhone 5C

The battery on your iPhone can become one of the more important factors when you are using the device. It is of particular importance when you use the phone a lot, and being able to properly evaluate how much battery life you have left is important in ensuring that your phone doesn’t die at an … Read more

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What is a Badge App Icon on the iPhone 7?

Your iPhone notifications come in many forms. Perhaps the most common are the alerts or banners that appear at the center or top of your screen to let you know that you have a new text message, or that there is information that requires your attention. But another common notification is called a Badge App … Read more

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How to Stop Blocking Pop Ups in Chrome on an iPhone

The Chrome Web browser on your iPhone is a good alternative to the default Safari option. It is fast, and you can sign in to it with your Google account so that you can share certain information from your computer to your iPhone. Occasionally you may find that you need to access content that a … Read more

how to stop blocking pop ups on iphone 7

How to Disable the Pop Up Blocker on an iPhone 7

Pop-ups have a bad reputation after being used for disruptive and even dangerous purposes in the past. As a result of the problems that they created previously, most popular browsers now default to blocking these pop-ups from appearing at all. The Safari browser on your iPhone is one such browser that blocks pop-ups by default. … Read more

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How to Find the iOS Version on an iPhone 7

Sometimes you will need to know the iOS version number that is installed on your device. Whether this is because a troubleshooting guide will only work for certain versions, or that a specific iOS option is only available in some iOS versions, it’s useful information to know. Our guide below will show you where to … Read more