How to Rename a Pokemon in Pokemon Go

The Pokemon Go app on your iPhone gives you the ability to catch Pokemon in your real-world environment. These Pokemon can vary in their strength, and they can be powered up using two in-game mechanics called stardust and candy. Since the game incentivizes you to catch many of the same Pokemon, you may have trouble … Read more

How to Turn Off Chat in Gmail

When you set up a Google account to use Gmail, you gain access to a variety of other tools and services that Google offers. One of these is a chat feature that’s embedded into your Gmail interface. While the chat feature can be useful, it’s also susceptible to spam. Additionally it takes up some extra … Read more

How to Add a Dollar Sign in Excel for Office 365

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How to Hide Comments When Printing in Word

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How to Update Apps on iPhone 5C

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How to Take Off Subject on iPhone

When you send a text message from your iPhone you can include a number of different things. If it’s an iMessage you can include some fun things like a digital touch message or an animated GIF, while you can send images to both iMessage and text message recipients. But you might have noticed that your … Read more