How to Open Multiple Windows of the Same App in Windows 11 Easily

how to open multiple windows of the same app in windows 11

Opening multiple windows of the same app in Windows 11 is super easy once you know the right steps. Whether you want to multitask or view documents side by side, Windows 11 offers several ways to do this. Here’s a quick overview: simply right-click the app’s icon on the taskbar or use shortcuts to duplicate the window. Follow these simple steps to get started!

How to Open Multiple Windows of the Same App in Windows 11

In this section, we’ll break down the exact steps you need to follow to open multiple windows of the same application in Windows 11. These steps are straightforward and will help you become more efficient with your tasks.

Step 1: Open the First Window

Start by opening the first window of the app you want to duplicate.

Simply click the app icon on your desktop or Start Menu. If the app is already pinned on your taskbar, just click it there.

Step 2: Right-Click the Taskbar Icon

Step 2 is to right-click the app’s icon in the taskbar.

You’ll see a small menu pop up. This menu will give you options like "Close window" and "Pin to taskbar." Look for the app name again in this menu.

Step 3: Click the App Name Again

Step 3 involves selecting the app name from the right-click menu.

When you click on the app name, a new window of the same application will open up. This works for most apps, like your web browser, File Explorer, and Microsoft Office apps.

Step 4: Use Keyboard Shortcuts

Step 4 is to use keyboard shortcuts if you prefer.

Pressing ‘Ctrl + N’ within an open application window often opens a new window. This works well with browsers and other common software.

Step 5: Use the App’s Built-in Option

For Step 5, check if the app has its own option to open new windows.

Some apps have a menu item like "New Window" or "New Document" under the File menu. This is usually found in apps like Word or Excel.

After completing these steps, you will have multiple windows of the same app open, helping you multitask easily and efficiently.

Tips for Opening Multiple Windows of the Same App in Windows 11

Here are some handy tips to make the process even smoother:

  • Pin Frequently Used Apps: Pin apps to your taskbar for quick access.
  • Use Snap Layouts: Utilize Snap Layouts to organize multiple windows on your screen.
  • Virtual Desktops: Create virtual desktops to manage different sets of windows for varied tasks.
  • Task View: Use Task View to manage and switch between your open windows effortlessly.
  • Update Regularly: Ensure your apps and Windows 11 are updated to avoid bugs and glitches.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I open multiple windows of any app in Windows 11?

Most apps allow you to open multiple windows, but some apps may not support this feature.

What should I do if the right-click method doesn’t work?

Try using keyboard shortcuts like ‘Ctrl + N’ or checking the app’s File menu for a "New Window" option.

Can I use multiple windows on multiple monitors?

Absolutely! Windows 11 makes it easy to spread your windows across multiple monitors for better multitasking.

Is there a limit to how many windows I can open?

The limit is mainly dictated by your computer’s memory and processing power. More powerful systems can handle more windows.

How do I switch between open windows quickly?

Use ‘Alt + Tab’ to quickly switch between your open windows or use the Task View button on the taskbar.


  1. Open the first window.
  2. Right-click the taskbar icon.
  3. Click the app name again.
  4. Use keyboard shortcuts.
  5. Check the app’s built-in option.


Opening multiple windows of the same app in Windows 11 is a breeze once you know how. With just a few clicks or key presses, you can have multiple instances of the same application running side by side. This is perfect for those who need to multitask or compare information easily. Don’t forget to take advantage of additional features like Snap Layouts and Virtual Desktops to further enhance your productivity.

By following the steps outlined in this guide, you’ll be able to work more efficiently and make the most out of your Windows 11 experience. For more tips, tricks, and detailed guides on using Windows 11, be sure to keep exploring and learning. So go ahead, give it a try, and see how much more productive you can be with multiple windows open at once!

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