How to Permanently Remove Microsoft Edge from Windows 11 Using PowerShell

How to Permanently Remove Microsoft Edge from Windows 11 Using PowerShell

Tired of Microsoft Edge taking up space on your Windows 11 machine? You can remove it permanently using PowerShell. This quick guide will walk you through the steps needed to achieve this. Essentially, we’ll be using PowerShell commands to uninstall Edge from your system completely.

Step by Step Tutorial to Remove Microsoft Edge from Windows 11 Using PowerShell

In this section, I’ll explain how to use PowerShell to completely remove Microsoft Edge from Windows 11. Follow each step carefully to ensure a smooth uninstallation process.

Step 1: Open PowerShell as Administrator

First, open PowerShell with administrative privileges.

To do this, right-click on the Start button and select Windows Terminal (Admin). A User Account Control (UAC) window might pop up—just click Yes to proceed.

Step 2: Find the Microsoft Edge Package Name

Next, you need to locate the package name for Microsoft Edge.

Run the command Get-AppxPackage *Microsoft.MicrosoftEdge* | Select Name, PackageFullName and press Enter. This will display the full package name of Microsoft Edge, which you’ll need for the next step.

Step 3: Uninstall Microsoft Edge

Now, use the package name from the previous step to uninstall Edge.

Run the command Get-AppxPackage *Microsoft.MicrosoftEdge* | Remove-AppxPackage. This command will initiate the process of uninstalling Microsoft Edge from your system.

Step 4: Confirm Removal

Finally, you need to confirm that Microsoft Edge has been removed successfully.

Re-run the command Get-AppxPackage *Microsoft.MicrosoftEdge* to ensure that Edge no longer appears in the list of installed packages. If nothing appears, you’ve successfully removed it.

After completing these steps, Microsoft Edge will no longer be on your Windows 11 machine. You’ll have more storage space, and you won’t see Edge in your list of applications anymore.

Tips for Removing Microsoft Edge from Windows 11 Using PowerShell

  • Back Up Your Data: Before making any changes, back up your data to avoid accidental loss.
  • Ensure Administrator Rights: Make sure you have administrative privileges to run these commands.
  • Double-Check Commands: Carefully type each command to avoid errors.
  • Run Windows Update: Keep your system updated to prevent future issues.
  • Consider Alternatives: If you ever need a browser, have another one installed like Chrome or Firefox.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to remove Microsoft Edge?

Yes, it is generally safe to remove Microsoft Edge, but make sure you have another browser installed for web access.

Will removing Edge affect Windows updates?

No, removing Microsoft Edge will not affect Windows updates. The update system functions independently of the Edge browser.

Can I reinstall Microsoft Edge later?

Yes, you can always reinstall Microsoft Edge from the Microsoft Store if you change your mind.

Do I need administrator rights for this process?

Yes, you need to run PowerShell as an administrator to execute the commands required to remove Microsoft Edge.

Why would I want to remove Microsoft Edge?

Some users prefer other browsers and want to free up system resources by removing software they don’t use.


  1. Open PowerShell as Administrator.
  2. Find the Microsoft Edge Package Name.
  3. Uninstall Microsoft Edge.
  4. Confirm Removal.


Removing Microsoft Edge from Windows 11 using PowerShell is a straightforward process if you carefully follow the steps outlined above. Always remember to back up your data and confirm that you have other browsers installed before removing Edge. While Edge is a functional browser, it’s perfectly okay to prefer alternatives and make room for other applications on your system. If you ever need to reinstall Edge, you can easily do so from the Microsoft Store. For more tips and tech guides, stay tuned to our blog!

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