how to retrieve voicemail on iPhone

How to Retrieve Voicemail on iPhone 13

There’s no denying that your Apple devices are full of wonderful features, and the visual voicemail feature on your iPhone is one of the handiest of all. Instead of listening to all the messages from top to bottom, you can open any voicemail message individually just by a simple tap on the touchscreen. However, some … Read more

how to stop your iPhone 13 camera from using location data

How to Turn Off Geotagging for Photos on the iPhone 13

Pictures that you take with your iPhone will include a lot of information about those pictures called metadata. This includes things like the date the picture was taken, the type of camera that was used, and the geographic location at which the image was created. This location data often referred to as “geotagging,” is used … Read more

how to remove permissions in Google Sheets

How to Unlock a Google Sheet

If I say that life hasn’t got a lot easier from the day Google Sheets started allowing collaborating with others, then it’d be a big lie. But the pile of features it comes with also included the feature of locking cells. This has made it impossible to adjust or alter the data inside of any … Read more

how to disable iPhone voicemail

How to Turn Off Voicemail on iPhone 13

We use the voicemail service on our iPhones every day; this helpful feature is a part of our life now. But there will be times and reasons why you may want to disable this feature.  Some phone providers charge you extra bucks for this feature, or you have to pay additional charges for your voicemail … Read more

how to add autofill password on iPhone

How to Add Autofill Password on iPhone

If you’re using Apple devices on a regular basis, you don’t have to go through the exhausting process of manually typing your passwords every time you enter different websites or other supported apps.  With the amazing AutoFill feature of your iPhone and iPad, you can use the iCloud keychain to save passwords, personal information, and … Read more

How to Fix Airpods Flashing Orange

If your Apple AirPods have suddenly gotten disconnected and ruined your music mood and you notice the AirPods flashing orange light out of your AirPods case, it might have a problem. However, do not run to an Apple store just yet! We are here to make sure that two Airpods work perfectly without any blinking … Read more