How to Remove Watermark in Excel

The steps in this article are going to show you how to remove a watermark in Microsoft Excel. This means the watermarks that are added to the background of the page, which typically consists of either a word or an image. You can remove a watermark in an Excel spreadsheet by going to the Page … Read more

how to print all columns on one page in excel 2013

How to Fit All Columns on One Page – Excel 2013

If you print an Excel spreadsheet without changing any of the default settings then you may end up with a spreadsheet that has no gridlines, is in the wrong orientation, and contains columns of data on multiple pages that are difficult to identify. You may also have twice as many pages as you were expecting … Read more

how to find median in Excel

How to Find the Median in Excel for Office 365

Microsoft Excel is much more than just a simple table in which you can sort and display data. It can also be used to perform formulas or mathematical operations on sets of data. This means that you can find all sorts of useful values. You can even learn how to find the median in Excel … Read more

what is compatibility mode in Microsoft Excel

What is Excel Compatibility Mode?

Older versions of Microsoft Excel used to create files with a file type that ended in .xls. However, newer versions now use a file format that ends with .xlsx. Newer versions of Excel can open these older Excel file versions, but some older versions of Excel have trouble with the newer file format. Excel is … Read more