how to remove permissions in Google Sheets

How to Unlock a Google Sheet

If I say that life hasn’t got a lot easier from the day Google Sheets started allowing collaborating with others, then it’d be a big lie. But the pile of features it comes with also included the feature of locking cells. This has made it impossible to adjust or alter the data inside of any … Read more

how to make a Google Sheets pie chart

How to Make a Pie Chart in Google Sheets

Google Sheets, much like other spreadsheet applications such as Microsoft Excel, allows you to manipulate and compare data in a variety of ways. One way that you can display data is as a graph or chart. Luckily if you want to make a pie chart in Google Sheets, you are able to do so using … Read more

how to email an Excel file from Google Sheets

How to Email a Google Sheets File as an Excel File

Sending documents like those created in Word or Excel typically involves attaching them to an email. Google Sheets can also attach files to an email, but you can actually do it directly from the Sheets file itself. The file will be sent to any email address(es) you specify from the emailing window, and you can … Read more

how to adjust Google Sheets column width

How to Adjust Column Width in Google Sheets

Google Sheets columns are 100 pixels wide by default, but can change based on the data within them. Use these steps to adjust column width in Google Sheets. Sign into Google Drive and open your Google Sheets file. Click on the column letter of the column to resize. Right-click on the selected column and choose … Read more

how to add page numbers in Google Sheets

How to Add Page Numbers in Google Sheets

Much of what you do in a Google Sheets spreadsheet concerns the way that the spreadsheet looks on a screen. If you are editing a spreadsheet or sharing it with someone, then it’s likely that they are going to be viewing it on their phone or their computer. But many spreadsheet users will print their … Read more

How to Save a Google Spreadsheet as a PDF

One of the advantages of Google Sheets is the ability to save and work on your files from anywhere. If you have an Internet connection and a Web browser, or even the Google Sheets app on your smartphone, you can sign into your Google Account and work on your files. Google spreadsheets can easily be … Read more