How to Repeat the Top Row on Every Page in Google Sheets: A Step-by-Step Guide

Want to make your data look consistent and professional on every page in Google Sheets? Repeating the top row is easier than you think! In just a few clicks, you can ensure that the column headers are visible on all pages, which can be especially handy when printing or sharing your document.

Step by Step Tutorial: Repeat the Top Row on Every Page in Google Sheets

Before we dive into the steps, let’s clarify that what we’re about to do is freeze the top row. This action will make the top row of your spreadsheet visible as you scroll down, ensuring it repeats on each page.

Step 1: Open Your Google Sheet

Open the Google Sheet document where you want to repeat the top row.

When opening your document, make sure you’re logged into the correct Google account that has access to the sheet.

Step 2: Select the Row

Click on the number of the row you want to repeat. This is typically row 1.

Selecting the row is crucial because it tells Google Sheets which row you want to freeze.

Step 3: Freeze the Row

Go to the menu and click on “View,” then hover over “Freeze” and select “1 row.”

Freezing the row will keep it in place while you scroll down, making it easier to reference your headers as you work on other parts of the sheet.

Once you have completed these steps, the top row of your spreadsheet will be frozen. It will remain visible at the top as you scroll down, essentially repeating on every page. This can be very useful for keeping track of column headers and maintaining the organization of your data.

Tips: Repeating the Top Row Successfully

  • Make sure you only select the row that you want to repeat; if you select multiple rows, they will all freeze.
  • You can also repeat columns by selecting the column and choosing to freeze it in the same “View” menu.
  • If your sheet already has rows or columns frozen, make sure to unfreeze them first before trying to freeze a new row or column.
  • Remember that freezing rows and columns will not affect the functionality of your formulas or data sorting.
  • To unfreeze the row, just go back to “View,” hover over “Freeze,” and select “No rows.”

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I want to freeze more than one row?

If you want to freeze more than one row, simply select “2 rows” or more under the “Freeze” option in the “View” menu.

Can I freeze rows and columns at the same time?

Yes, you can freeze both rows and columns at the same time by selecting the row and the column that you want to freeze and then choosing the respective options in the “View” menu.

Will freezing rows affect how my data sorts or filters?

No, freezing rows won’t affect sorting or filtering. It only affects how the data is displayed on your screen.

How do I unfreeze rows if I no longer need them to repeat?

Go to “View,” hover over “Freeze,” and select “No rows” to unfreeze them.

Can I repeat the top row on every page when printing?

Yes, by freezing the top row, it will also repeat on every printed page, provided your print settings are configured correctly.


  1. Open your Google Sheet.
  2. Select the top row.
  3. Freeze the row from the “View” menu.


Mastering how to repeat the top row on every page in Google Sheets is a great way to enhance the readability and professionalism of your spreadsheets. Whether you are crunching numbers, organizing a project, or keeping track of inventory, freezing the top row can save you time and confusion when navigating through lengthy data sets.

Remember, it’s all about making your data work for you in the most efficient way possible. And now that you know how to repeat the top row, you can apply this simple yet effective trick to all your future Google Sheets projects. Feel free to experiment with freezing different rows and columns to see how it changes the dynamic of your data visualization.

Moreover, understanding the ins and outs of Google Sheets functionalities, like repeating rows, can greatly improve your data management skills. So, go ahead, give it a try! And next time you’re working on a big spreadsheet, remember this little tip that can make a big difference.

Keep exploring, keep organizing, and most importantly, keep simplifying your data management tasks with Google Sheets. It’s amazing what a difference a little knowledge can make in your everyday workflow. Happy spreadsheeting!

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