how to add a Microsoft Word table of contents

How to Create a Table of Content in Word for Office 365

Putting a table of contents in your Microsoft Word document is a very useful addition to make for your readers. By giving even a basic table you can provide ways for your audience to quickly navigate through the contents of the document and find the information that is most relevant to their needs. But Microsoft … Read more

How to Remove Gridlines in Microsoft Word for Office 365

When you hear the word “gridlines” in relation to a Microsoft Office product, it’s likely that you will associate it with Microsoft Excel. That application displays gridlines on the screen by default, and can even be printed to make the spreadsheet data easier to read on paper. But it’s possible to have gridlines in Microsoft … Read more

How to Hide Comments When Printing in Word

The ability to comment on documents in Word not only gives you the option to make notes on documents that you are working on yourself, but it also makes it easy for a group of people to collaborate on a document together. These comments are notated in the right column of the document, and are … Read more

How to Add Office 365 Word Columns

Many of the documents created in Microsoft Word are perfectly fine using the default formatting and layout settings you get with any document that uses the Normal template. Whether it’s a paper you are writing for school or a report for work (or collaboration with others where you may need to hide the comments when … Read more

how to count the number of characters in a Microsoft Word document

How to Get a Character Count in Word for Office 365

Have you ever wondered how many characters are in a Microsoft Word document, or how to get a character count in Word? The number of words per line varies, depending on the width of the text box within which you type text. The default setting is 70 words per line; however, if you change this … Read more

how to rearrange pages in a Word document

How to Rearrange Pages in Word

While you can easily see where the pages in a document start and end in Microsoft Word when you’re in Print Layout, moving those pages to a different location is not as easy. Using a combination of the headings and the Navigation Pane provides an effective solution to rearrange pages in Word. Microsoft Word is … Read more