how to count the number of characters in a Microsoft Word document

How to Get a Character Count in Word for Office 365

Have you ever wondered how many characters are in a Microsoft Word document, or how to get a character count in Word? The number of words per line varies, depending on the width of the text box within which you type text. The default setting is 70 words per line; however, if you change this … Read more

how to rearrange pages in a Word document

How to Rearrange Pages in Word

While you can easily see where the pages in a document start and end in Microsoft Word when you’re in Print Layout, moving those pages to a different location is not as easy. Using a combination of the headings and the Navigation Pane provides an effective solution to rearrange pages in Word. Microsoft Word is … Read more

how to use Times New Roman as the default font in Word

How to Make Times New Roman Default on Word

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how to add line numbering in Microsoft Word

How to Add Line Numbers in Word for Office 365

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How to Flip a Picture in a Microsoft Word Document

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