how to remove a section break in Microsoft Word

How to Delete a Section Break in Microsoft Word 2016

Microsoft Word has a number of different formatting options that can affect the layout of the document. Some of these options, such as a page break, can be difficult to find or see because there isn’t a visual indicator of the section break in the document. Luckily you can enable something in Microsoft Word that … Read more

How to Use Mirror Margins in Microsoft Word 2016

The default settings in Microsoft Word are configured for users that need to create a document that prints on one side, and which might be staples in the corner. But not everyone that use Word can make use of these settings, and that becomes clear if you are creating a document that you intend to … Read more

how to make a square in Microsoft Word 2016

How to Make a Square in Microsoft Word 2016

While many users typically consider Microsoft Word to be a tool for writing text, it actually has options for adding a variety of media types. Whether you need pictures, videos or objects from other document types, Microsoft Word usually has an option to help you accomplish it. But you also have the ability to add … Read more

How to Remove All Hyperlinks in Microsoft Word for Office 365

You can remove all of the hyperlinks from a document in Microsoft Word using a couple of keyboard shortcuts. This won’t affect any of the other document formatting. It just removes all of the document hyperlinks. Individual hyperlinks can be removed by right-clicking on the hyperlink, then choosing “Remove Hyperlink”. The steps in this article … Read more

How to Put Page Numbers at the Top Right in Microsoft Word

This guide is going to show you how to include a page number that updates automatically on each page of your document in Microsoft Word. Open the document in Microsoft Word. Select the Insert tab at the top of the window. Click the Page Number button. Choose the Top of Page option, then select the … Read more