How to do Drop Cap in Word: A Step-by-Step Guide

Want to add some pizzazz to your Word document? A drop cap is a great way to make your text stand out. It’s that big, bold letter at the start of a paragraph, like you see in fancy books. You can do it in Word, and it’s pretty easy. Just follow these steps and you’ll have an eye-catching drop cap in no time!

Step by Step Tutorial: How to do a Drop Cap in Word

Before we dive in, let’s clarify what we’re aiming for. A drop cap is a large initial letter that drops down into the text and takes up multiple lines. It’s a design element that can make your document look more professional or add a touch of elegance.

Step 1: Select the Paragraph

Click at the beginning of the paragraph where you want your drop cap to appear.

When you select a paragraph, make sure it’s the one you want to start with a drop cap. It’s usually the first paragraph of your document, chapter, or section.

Step 2: Navigate to the ‘Insert’ Tab

Click on the ‘Insert’ tab located at the top of the Word window.

The ‘Insert’ tab is where you’ll find all the options for adding different elements to your document, including drop caps.

Step 3: Click on ‘Drop Cap’

Find and click the ‘Drop Cap’ option in the ‘Text’ group of the ‘Insert’ tab.

‘Drop Cap’ may not be visible right away, depending on the size of your Word window. If you don’t see it, look for the ‘Text’ group, and it should be there.

Step 4: Choose the Drop Cap Style

Select either ‘Dropped’ or ‘In margin’ from the drop-down menu for your drop cap design.

‘Dropped’ means the large letter will be within the text, taking up several lines. ‘In margin’ puts the large letter in the margin, next to the text.

Step 5: Customize the Drop Cap

Click on ‘Drop Cap Options…’ for more customization options like font, lines to drop, and distance from the text.

This is where you can make your drop cap match the style of your document. You can choose a fancy font or adjust how many lines it takes up.

After completing these steps, your paragraph will begin with an elegant drop cap. It’s a simple way to add a professional or artistic touch to your document. Plus, it’s sure to impress anyone who reads it!

Tips: Maximizing the Impact of Your Drop Cap in Word

  • Make sure the font of your drop cap matches the style of your document. A mismatched font can look out of place.
  • Think about the size of your drop cap. It should be noticeable but not so big that it overwhelms the text.
  • Consider the color of your drop cap. A different color can make it pop, but make sure it’s still easy to read.
  • Use drop caps sparingly. They’re great for starting chapters or sections, but too many can be overkill.
  • Remember that drop caps may not look the same in every version of Word or on every device. Always check how it looks after saving or sharing.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a drop cap?

A drop cap is a decorative element typically used at the start of a paragraph, where the first letter is enlarged to span several lines of text.

Can I use any font for a drop cap?

Yes, you can use any font for a drop cap, but it’s best to choose one that fits the overall design of your document.

Will adding a drop cap change my text formatting?

Adding a drop cap shouldn’t change your existing text formatting, but it will take up space, so you might need to adjust your layout slightly.

Can I undo a drop cap?

Yes, you can undo a drop cap by selecting the drop cap letter and clicking on ‘Drop Cap’ again, then choosing ‘None.’

Can I customize the size of a drop cap?

Yes, you can customize the size of your drop cap by selecting it and adjusting the ‘Lines to drop’ option in the ‘Drop Cap Options.’


  1. Select the paragraph.
  2. Navigate to the ‘Insert’ tab.
  3. Click on ‘Drop Cap.’
  4. Choose the drop cap style.
  5. Customize the drop cap.


Adding a drop cap to your Word document is a simple way to give it a professional or artistic flair. It’s not just for fancy novels or old-timey manuscripts; anyone can use this feature to make their work stand out. With the steps outlined above, you can easily incorporate this design element into your next project. Remember to play around with the font, size, and color to match the style of your document. And don’t be afraid to experiment – sometimes the most effective designs come from a bit of trial and error. So go ahead, give it a try and watch your plain text transform into an engaging masterpiece with just a few clicks! Whether you’re working on a school assignment, a business proposal, or a personal project, knowing how to do a drop cap in Word is a skill that can definitely come in handy.

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