how to add vertical text in Google Docs

How to Make Google Docs Vertical Text

Collaborating with your team on a project can be difficult. Fortunately, Google Docs comes packed with multiple features that make collaboration easier, such as changing text color or adding images within seconds. For those who want to keep their work neat but still stand out while collaborating on a project, they can take advantage of … Read more

Google Docs on desktop

How to Use Google Docs on Desktop (An Easy 4 Step Guide)

The suite of Google apps that are available to Google users includes a presentation tool called Google Slides, a spreadsheet tool called Google Sheets, and a word processing tool via the Google Docs app. Typically you will open a Web browser and navigate to the applications, but you might be looking for a way to … Read more

How to Double Space in Word Office 365

The spacing in a document can have a big impact on its readability. Most word processing applications like Google Docs or Microsoft Word will have ways that you can modify the line spacing. Since double spacing is a popular option, it is one of the default choices when you select your document’s line spacing. Our … Read more

How to Make Columns in Word Office 365

New documents that you create in Microsoft Word either won’t have any columns or will only have one column, depending on how you look at it. But you may be trying to figure out how to make columns in Word Office 365 if you are using that version of the application and need a document … Read more