how to find median in Excel

How to Find the Median in Excel for Office 365

Microsoft Excel is much more than just a simple table in which you can sort and display data. It can also be used to perform formulas or mathematical operations on sets of data. This means that you can find all sorts of useful values. You can even learn how to find the median in Excel … Read more

how to use Times New Roman as the default font in Word

How to Make Times New Roman Default on Word

A decent font is typically a question of personal taste, and what one person finds appealing may not attract another. Because document formatting for different institutions might vary, Microsoft Word users frequently have questions and concerns when it comes to fonts. If you’re often writing documents for school or work, your best bet is to … Read more

what is compatibility mode in Microsoft Excel

What is Excel Compatibility Mode?

Older versions of Microsoft Excel used to create files with a file type that ended in .xls. However, newer versions now use a file format that ends with .xlsx. Newer versions of Excel can open these older Excel file versions, but some older versions of Excel have trouble with the newer file format. Excel is … Read more

how to flip an image in Google Docs

How to Flip Image in Google Docs

Google Docs provides a number of tools that you can use to insert objects into your document. One such object that you can add to a document is a picture. These images are accessible in Google Docs via Google Search but you can also upload an image from your phone, computer, or another device if … Read more

how to change the language for Google Docs

How to Change Google Docs Language

The amount of features and tools in Google Docs is continuously growing, to the point where many schools and organizations have found it to be a suitable replacement for Microsoft Word. While many of the more useful options in Docs are easy to find or learn how to use, there are some other options that … Read more

how to add more people to a group text message

How to Add Someone to a Group Text

Sending text messages has become so commonplace now with smartphones that many people have significantly reduced the amount of time they spend making actual phone calls. Text-based messaging options are also quite diverse, as you can send different kinds of files and media, and you can even create a single message that reaches multiple people, … Read more