How to Gift an Album on iTunes From an iPhone: A Step-by-Step Guide

Gifting an album on iTunes from an iPhone is a breeze. Simply open the iTunes Store app, navigate to the album you want to gift, tap the share icon, choose “Gift,” enter the recipient’s email, and finalize your purchase. Once you’ve completed the transaction, the recipient will receive an email with instructions on how to redeem their gift.

After you’ve successfully gifted an album, the recipient will get an email notification. They can then redeem their gift and download the album to their own iTunes library, ready to enjoy the music you’ve carefully selected for them.


We all have that friend or family member who absolutely adores music. The one who’s always got an earbud in, humming along to their favorite tunes. What better way to show appreciation for their passion than by gifting an album on iTunes? It’s a personal and thoughtful gesture that can brighten someone’s day and add new melodies to their life.

In today’s digital world, physical gifts are becoming less common. However, the sentiment behind gifting remains strong. That’s where digital gifts, like an album from iTunes, come into play. They are perfect for last-minute presents, for people who live far away, or for those who prefer digital media over physical copies. Gifting an album on iTunes is especially relevant for iPhone users since it integrates seamlessly with their device and music library. Not only does it show that you know their taste in music, but it also provides them with instant access to the gift you’ve chosen. So, let’s dive into the how-to and spread some musical joy!

Step by Step Tutorial: Gifting an Album on iTunes from an iPhone

Before we begin, make sure you have the latest version of the iTunes Store app installed on your iPhone. This ensures a smooth gifting process.

Step 1: Open the iTunes Store App

Open the iTunes Store app on your iPhone.

In the app, you’ll find a variety of music options. You can search for a specific album or browse through different categories to find the perfect one to gift.

Step 2: Navigate to the Album

Search for the album you wish to gift and select it.

Once you’ve found the album, take a moment to ensure it’s the correct one. Check the artist’s name, album artwork, and tracklist if necessary.

Step 3: Tap the Share Icon

On the album’s page, tap the share icon, which looks like a square with an upward arrow.

The share icon brings up a menu with different sharing options. It’s also used for other actions like copying links or printing, but for now, we’re focusing on gifting.

Step 4: Choose “Gift”

From the share menu, select the “Gift” option.

Choosing “Gift” will take you to a new screen where you will begin the process of purchasing the album as a gift for someone else.

Step 5: Enter the Recipient’s Email

Fill in the recipient’s email address and include a personal message if you wish.

Make sure you enter the correct email address for your recipient. This is where they’ll receive the gift notification. Adding a personal message can make the gift feel more special and considered.

Step 6: Finalize Your Purchase

Follow the prompts to complete your purchase. This may include selecting a send date and entering your payment information.

After payment, a confirmation will be sent to your email, and the gift notification will be sent to your recipient. They can then redeem the album and enjoy your gift!


Instant DeliveryGifting an album on iTunes means the recipient gets access to their gift almost immediately.
Personal TouchSelecting an album that you know the recipient will enjoy adds a personal touch that can be more meaningful than a generic gift card.
ConvenientThe entire process is done digitally, eliminating the need for shipping or wrapping, which is especially convenient for last-minute gifting or long-distance presents.


Requires Apple DeviceThe recipient needs an Apple device or iTunes to enjoy the gifted album, which could be limiting.
No Physical ItemSome recipients may prefer a physical CD or vinyl record as a tangible gift to add to their collection.
Possibility of DuplicationThere’s a chance the recipient already owns the album, which could make the gift redundant.

Additional Information

When gifting an album on iTunes from your iPhone, there are a few additional tidbits to keep in mind. First, ensure that the recipient’s email is tied to their Apple ID, as this is how they will redeem the gift. If they don’t have an Apple ID, they’ll need to create one, which could slightly delay their enjoyment of the gift.

Second, consider the timing of your gift. You can choose to have the album delivered immediately or schedule it for a future date. This is particularly handy for birthdays, anniversaries, or other special occasions. You can surprise your friend or loved one with music on the exact day, without having to remember to send it yourself.

Lastly, remember that when you gift an album on iTunes, you’re not only giving a collection of songs. You’re offering an experience, a mood, and potentially a new favorite artist or album to cherish. It’s these thoughtful nuances that make digital gifting a unique and modern way to show you care.


  1. Open the iTunes Store app.
  2. Navigate to the desired album.
  3. Tap the share icon.
  4. Select the “Gift” option.
  5. Enter the recipient’s email and optional message.
  6. Complete the purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I gift a single song instead of a whole album?

Yes, you can gift individual songs following a similar process as gifting an album.

What if the recipient doesn’t have an Apple device?

Unfortunately, they won’t be able to redeem the gift without an Apple device or iTunes. Consider another form of gifting in this case.

Can I cancel a gift after it’s been sent?

No, once a gift has been sent and the purchase completed, it cannot be canceled.

Will I be notified when the recipient redeems their gift?

No, Apple does not currently notify the sender when a gift is redeemed.

Can I gift an album to someone in another country?

No, gifts can only be redeemed in the same country’s iTunes Store from which they were purchased.


Gifting an album on iTunes from an iPhone is a modern, personal, and convenient way to share the love of music with friends and family. Whether for a special occasion or just because, it’s a gesture that says you’ve put thought into what they might enjoy.

While there are some limitations to consider, the pros generally outweigh the cons, making it a great option for digitally-savvy music lovers. The next time you’re stuck on gift ideas, remember the simplicity and immediacy of gifting an album on iTunes. After all, music is a gift that keeps on giving.

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