What Phone Numbers Have I Blocked on My iPhone? A Step-by-Step Guide

To check the phone numbers you’ve blocked on your iPhone, go to Settings, tap on Phone, then on Blocked Contacts, and you’ll see a list of all the numbers you have blocked.

After completing this action, you will have a list of all the phone numbers you’ve blocked, which can be useful if you want to unblock someone or keep track of who you’ve blocked.


Are you getting too many unwanted calls on your iPhone? Well, blocking those pesky numbers could be your ticket to peace. But what if you can’t remember all the numbers you’ve blocked over time? Or you need to unblock someone and can’t recall if they were on that list? Fret not, dear iPhone user, because your trusty device has a way to help you keep track of all those numbers you’ve blocked.

This feature is especially relevant for anyone who values their privacy and peace of mind, as well as for those who may block numbers frequently for personal or professional reasons. Let’s dive into how you can easily access and manage your blocked numbers list.

Step by Step Tutorial on Checking Blocked Numbers on iPhone

The following steps will guide you on how to find and manage the list of phone numbers you have blocked on your iPhone.

Step 1: Open Settings

Start by opening the Settings app on your iPhone.

Within the Settings app, you will find a plethora of options. For this task, you’ll navigate through these options to find your Phone settings.

Step 2: Tap on Phone

Next, tap on the “Phone” option within Settings.

This will take you to a new menu where you can manage various call-related settings on your iPhone.

Step 3: Select Blocked Contacts

Then, select “Blocked Contacts” from the list of options.

Here, you will find the comprehensive list of all the numbers you have blocked.


PrivacyBy having a list of your blocked contacts, you maintain control over who can reach you, ensuring that unwanted callers can’t disturb your peace.
OversightKeeping tabs on your blocked numbers allows you to review and manage your list, ensuring that it’s up-to-date with only the numbers you wish to block.
Easy ManagementThis feature makes it simple to unblock a number if you change your mind or blocked someone by mistake.


Limited FunctionalityThe blocked list feature does not provide details on when a number was blocked or let you categorize numbers.
Accidental BlockingIt’s possible to block a number inadvertently, which could lead to missing important calls until you check your blocked list.
Can Miss UpdatesIf a number is blocked, you may miss out on potential updates or reconciliations from that contact.

Additional Information

When it comes to the blocked numbers on your iPhone, it’s also worth noting that any blocked contact will not be able to call you, send text messages, or FaceTime you. If you ever decide to unblock a number, it’s as simple as swiping left on the number and tapping “Unblock.”

Always ensure that your iPhone is updated to the latest version of iOS to ensure that you have the most current features and security updates which can affect call blocking features. Remember, managing your blocked numbers can help you maintain your desired level of privacy and communication on your iPhone.


  1. Open Settings.
  2. Tap on Phone.
  3. Select Blocked Contacts.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I block a new number on my iPhone?

To block a new number on your iPhone, go to your recent calls, tap the “i” icon next to the unwanted number, scroll down and tap “Block this Caller.”

Can I block numbers not saved in my contacts?

Yes, you can block numbers not saved in your contacts. Just go to your recent calls, choose the number, and follow the steps to block it.

What happens when a blocked number tries to call me?

When a blocked number tries to call you, they’ll be sent straight to voicemail, and you won’t receive any notification of the call.

Can I unblock a number on my iPhone?

Absolutely! To unblock a number, go to your Blocked Contacts list, swipe left on the number, and tap “Unblock.”

Will a blocked contact know they’ve been blocked?

No, there’s no notification sent out to a blocked contact. They will simply be unable to call or text you.


There you have it, folks—the ins and outs of checking which phone numbers you’ve blocked on your iPhone. It’s a simple process that provides a valuable filter for your calls and messages. Remember, the ability to block and manage these numbers is a powerful tool in maintaining your digital privacy and peace of mind.

Whether you’re dodging spammers or distancing yourself from a pesky acquaintance, your iPhone has got your back. So go ahead, take control of your phone calls, and revel in the silence of those blocked numbers.

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