How to Add Seconds to Clock Windows 11: Step-by-Step Guide

Adding Seconds to the Clock in Windows 11

Want to keep precise track of time down to the seconds on your Windows 11 clock? It’s actually pretty simple. By tweaking a few settings, you can make your taskbar clock display seconds. This guide will take you through each step to get your clock showing seconds, so you can stay on point with every tick of the clock.

Adding Seconds to the Clock in Windows 11

These steps will show you how to modify your system settings to display seconds on the Windows 11 taskbar clock.

Step 1: Open Registry Editor

First, press Win + R to open the Run dialog box.

Type regedit and press Enter to launch the Registry Editor.

The Registry Editor is a powerful tool that lets you adjust settings deep within Windows. Be cautious and follow the steps closely to avoid unwanted changes.

Step 2: Navigate to the Right Folder

In the Registry Editor, go to HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionExplorerAdvanced.

You can do this by following the folder path on the left-hand side. This specific folder holds settings for the Windows taskbar and other explorer-related features.

Step 3: Create a New DWORD Value

Right-click in the right-hand pane and select New > DWORD (32-bit) Value.

Name the new DWORD value ShowSecondsInSystemClock.

This DWORD value will be the key to enabling seconds on your taskbar clock. Naming it correctly is crucial.

Step 4: Modify the DWORD Value

Double-click on ShowSecondsInSystemClock and set its Value data to 1.

This change tells Windows to display seconds in the taskbar clock. Make sure you type 1 to enable this feature.

Step 5: Restart Explorer

Press Ctrl + Shift + Esc to open Task Manager.

Find Windows Explorer in the list, right-click it, and select Restart.

Restarting Explorer refreshes your taskbar and applies the changes. You should now see seconds ticking away on your clock.

After completing these steps, your taskbar clock will display seconds. This change helps you keep a precise track of time and ensures you never miss a beat.

Tips for Adding Seconds to the Clock in Windows 11

  • Always backup your registry before making any changes.
  • Be cautious when using the Registry Editor; incorrect changes can affect your system.
  • If you need to revert the change, simply delete the ShowSecondsInSystemClock DWORD or set its value to 0.
  • Use Task Manager to restart Explorer if you don’t see changes after modifying the registry.
  • For those uncomfortable with using the Registry Editor, consider third-party software.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why don’t I see seconds after following the steps?

If the seconds don’t appear, double-check the DWORD value and ensure it’s set to 1. Also, restart Windows Explorer in Task Manager.

Can I revert the changes easily?

Yes, open the Registry Editor, navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionExplorerAdvanced, and delete the ShowSecondsInSystemClock DWORD or set its value to 0.

Is it safe to edit the registry?

Yes, but be cautious. Incorrect changes can affect your system. Always back up your registry before making changes.

Will this affect system performance?

Displaying seconds on the taskbar clock has a minimal impact on performance. It’s a negligible change for modern systems.

Do I need admin rights to do this?

No, you don’t need admin rights to add seconds to the taskbar clock for the current user.


  1. Open Registry Editor.
  2. Navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionExplorerAdvanced.
  3. Create ShowSecondsInSystemClock DWORD.
  4. Set its value to 1.
  5. Restart Windows Explorer.


Adding seconds to the clock in Windows 11 is a handy tweak for those who need precise timekeeping. While the process involves delving into the Registry Editor, following each step ensures you make the change safely and effectively. Whether you’re timing an event, managing workflows, or just enjoy the extra detail, this small adjustment can make a big difference. So why wait? Follow this guide and watch each second tick by on your Windows 11 taskbar. For further reading, consider exploring other customization options to make your Windows experience uniquely yours.

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