How to Adjust Mouse Scroll Speed in Windows 11: A Step-by-Step Guide

How to Adjust Mouse Scroll Speed in Windows 11

Adjusting your mouse scroll speed in Windows 11 is a breeze. Simply navigate to the Settings menu, head into Devices, and tweak the Mouse settings. In a few clicks, you’ll have your scroll speed dialed in just the way you like it. Whether you need a slower scroll for precision or a faster one for speedy browsing, Windows 11 makes it easy to customize your experience.

How to Adjust Mouse Scroll Speed in Windows 11

These steps will guide you through adjusting your mouse scroll speed on Windows 11. Follow along to get your mouse scrolling just right.

Step 1: Open Settings

First, open the Settings app by pressing the Windows key + I.

Opening the Settings app is the gateway to customizing your computer. You’ll find most of your system settings here, including mouse options.

Step 2: Go to Devices

Next, click on "Bluetooth & devices" in the Settings menu.

The "Bluetooth & devices" section is where you manage all your connected gadgets. It’s where you’ll find your mouse settings.

Step 3: Select Mouse

Click on "Mouse" under the Devices section.

This will take you to the mouse settings page. Here, you can adjust various settings, including scroll speed.

Step 4: Adjust Scroll Speed

Use the slider under "Scrolling" to adjust the scroll speed to your liking.

The slider lets you increase or decrease how many lines scroll with each notch of the mouse wheel. Move it left for slower scrolling and right for faster scrolling.

Step 5: Test Your Settings

Scroll through a webpage or document to test the new speed.

Testing ensures the settings are perfect for your needs. If it’s not quite right, go back and tweak the slider again.

Once you’ve adjusted these settings, your mouse scroll speed will change immediately. You’ll notice a smoother or faster scrolling experience based on your preference.

Tips for Adjusting Mouse Scroll Speed in Windows 11

  • Experiment with the slider: Take your time to find the perfect balance that feels right.
  • Consider your tasks: Adjust the speed based on what you do most—browsing, gaming, or working.
  • Use the scroll wheel test: Have a webpage open to quickly test different speeds.
  • Update drivers: Make sure your mouse drivers are updated for the best performance.
  • Check accessibility settings: Look into other settings that may affect mouse performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I reset to default scroll speed settings?

Simply move the slider back to the middle position in the Mouse settings. This is typically the default speed.

Can I adjust the scroll speed for a specific app?

No, Windows 11 applies the scroll speed settings system-wide, so you can’t customize it per app.

Why is my mouse scrolling too fast?

It might be set to a high scroll speed. Adjust the slider to the left to slow it down.

Do I need special software to change scroll speed?

No, the built-in Settings app in Windows 11 is all you need.

Can I change the horizontal scroll speed?

Currently, Windows 11 allows adjustments primarily for vertical scrolling.


  1. Open Settings.
  2. Go to Devices.
  3. Select Mouse.
  4. Adjust Scroll Speed.
  5. Test Your Settings.


Adjusting the mouse scroll speed in Windows 11 is both simple and effective. By navigating through the Settings app and tweaking a few options, you can tailor your scrolling experience to fit your needs perfectly. Whether you’re scrolling through long documents or zipping through webpages, having the right scroll speed is crucial for comfort and efficiency.

If you find that adjusting the scroll speed isn’t enough, you might explore additional mouse settings or even consider upgrading your mouse to one with more customization options. Keep in mind that keeping your system and drivers updated can also enhance your overall experience.

So go ahead, dive into your Settings, and fine-tune that scroll speed. A smoother, more comfortable browsing experience awaits! If you have any more questions or need further assistance, don’t hesitate to look up more detailed guides or reach out to support forums. Happy scrolling!

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