How to Delete a Bluetooth Device on an iPad: A Step-by-Step Guide

Ready to declutter your iPad’s Bluetooth connections? Deleting a Bluetooth device from your iPad is a breeze! In just a few taps, you can remove any device that’s no longer needed, freeing up space for new connections.

Step by Step Tutorial on How to Delete a Bluetooth Device on an iPad

Before you start, make sure your iPad is on and you have access to its settings. The following steps will guide you through the process of removing a Bluetooth device from your iPad.

Step 1: Open Settings

Tap the Settings icon on your iPad’s home screen to get started.

In the Settings menu, you’ll find a list of options to manage your iPad’s features and connections.

Step 2: Tap on Bluetooth

Scroll down and tap on the Bluetooth section to view your connected devices.

This is where you’ll see all devices your iPad has paired with, past and present.

Step 3: Find the Device You Want to Delete

Look for the device you wish to remove under the "My Devices" section.

It’s usually labeled with the device’s name or manufacturer.

Step 4: Tap the Info Icon

Next to the device’s name, you’ll see an "i" icon. Tap on it.

This will open the device’s settings where you can find the option to forget the device.

Step 5: Tap "Forget This Device"

Once you’re in the device’s settings, tap on "Forget This Device."

A confirmation message will pop up, asking if you’re sure you want to forget the device.

Step 6: Confirm Your Choice

Tap "Forget Device" to confirm and delete the Bluetooth connection.

Your iPad will then remove the device from its memory, effectively deleting it.

After completing these steps, the Bluetooth device will no longer be paired with your iPad. You won’t see it listed under "My Devices," and it won’t connect automatically. If you ever want to use this device with your iPad again, you’ll need to pair it as if it were a new Bluetooth device.

Tips on Deleting a Bluetooth Device on an iPad

  • Make sure your iPad’s Bluetooth is turned on before starting this process.
  • If you can’t find the device you want to delete, try refreshing the Bluetooth page by pulling down on the list.
  • Deleting a device will not reset its settings. If you pair it again, you may need to set it up as you did the first time.
  • Remember, once you delete a device, you’ll have to go through the pairing process again if you want to reconnect it.
  • Keep your iPad’s software up to date to avoid any issues with Bluetooth connectivity.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do if the device I want to delete doesn’t appear on the list?

First, ensure that your Bluetooth is enabled and try refreshing the list. If it still doesn’t show up, the device may already be deleted or never paired with your iPad.

Will I lose any data when I delete a Bluetooth device?

No, just the connection between the device and your iPad will be lost. Any data stored on the device itself will remain intact.

Can I delete multiple Bluetooth devices at once?

Unfortunately, you’ll have to delete each device individually following the same steps provided.

What if I’m unable to delete a Bluetooth device?

Make sure your iPad’s software is up to date, and the device isn’t currently connected. If you’re still having trouble, try restarting your iPad and attempting again.

Can I block a Bluetooth device from reconnecting?

No, the iPad doesn’t have a feature to block devices. However, not pairing the device again will prevent it from reconnecting.


  1. Open Settings
  2. Tap on Bluetooth
  3. Find the Device You Want to Delete
  4. Tap the Info Icon
  5. Tap "Forget This Device"
  6. Confirm Your Choice


Deleting a Bluetooth device from your iPad is a simple task that helps manage your connections and keeps your device organized. Whether you’re making room for new gadgets or just tidying up, following the steps above will help you accomplish this in no time. Keeping your Bluetooth list clutter-free not only makes it easier to find and connect to the devices you use but also ensures a more efficient and streamlined user experience. So go ahead, remove those old speakers you no longer use or the keyboard you replaced, and enjoy the simplicity of a well-maintained Bluetooth list on your iPad.

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