How to Delete a Netflix Profile

Deleting a Netflix profile is easier than you may think. Whether you’re cleaning up unused profiles or simply want a fresh start, you can accomplish this task in just a few clicks or taps. After reading this brief overview, you’ll know exactly what to do to remove a profile from your Netflix account.

Step by Step Tutorial on How to Delete a Netflix Profile

Before diving into the steps, it’s important to know that deleting a Netflix profile is irreversible. The profile’s viewing history, preferences, and recommendations will be permanently lost. Make sure you’re certain before proceeding.

Step 1: Sign in to your Netflix account

Log into Netflix using your email and password.

When you sign in to your Netflix account, you’ll be able to access all the profiles associated with that account. Make sure you’re using a web browser or the official Netflix app to do this.

Step 2: Choose the profile you want to delete

Select the profile icon that you wish to remove.

Remember, you can’t delete the main profile, but any additional profiles are fair game. If you’re not seeing the option to delete, you might be trying to remove the primary profile, which isn’t allowed.

Step 3: Click on ‘More’ or the pencil icon

Look for the ‘More’ option or a pencil icon on the profile and click it.

This will take you to the profile settings, where you’ll find the option to delete the profile. This might look a bit different depending on the device you’re using, but the pencil icon is a common indicator for editing.

Step 4: Confirm the deletion

Press the “Delete Profile” button and confirm your choice.

You’ll be asked to confirm that you want to delete the profile. This is your last chance to back out! If you’re sure, go ahead and confirm. Once you do this, the profile and all associated data will be gone for good.

After completing these steps, the profile you chose to delete will no longer exist. All the data associated with it, including the viewing history and preferences, will be removed from your Netflix account.

Tips for Deleting a Netflix Profile

  • Ensure you’re using a web browser or the official Netflix app to manage profiles.
  • Remember, the main profile on the account cannot be deleted.
  • Double-check which profile you’re deleting to avoid losing the wrong data.
  • Consider if you really want to delete the profile, as the action is irreversible.
  • If you’re unsure, you could simply edit the existing profile instead of deleting it.

Frequently Asked Questions about Deleting a Netflix Profile

Can I delete a Netflix profile from my phone?

Yes, you can delete a Netflix profile using the Netflix app on your mobile device.

You’ll follow the same steps as you would on a computer. Just navigate to the profile you want to delete, tap the pencil icon, and confirm the deletion.

What happens if I delete the wrong profile?

Unfortunately, once a profile is deleted, it cannot be recovered.

This is why it’s crucial to double-check which profile you’re deleting before confirming. If you do delete the wrong one, you’ll have to create a new profile and start from scratch.

Can I delete my Netflix profile if I’m not the account owner?

You can delete any additional profile if you have the login details, but not the main profile created by the account owner.

The main profile is tied to the email and payment information on the account and cannot be removed.

How many profiles can I have on Netflix?

Netflix allows you to have up to five individual profiles on one account.

Each profile can have its own viewing preferences and recommendations, making it ideal for shared accounts.

Does deleting a profile cancel my Netflix subscription?

No, deleting a profile doesn’t affect your Netflix subscription.

Your subscription is connected to your account, not your profile. You can delete all profiles except the main one and still maintain your subscription.


  1. Sign in to your Netflix account.
  2. Choose the profile you want to delete.
  3. Click on ‘More’ or the pencil icon.
  4. Confirm the deletion.


Saying goodbye to a Netflix profile is a straightforward process, but it’s not one to be taken lightly. Once a profile is gone, it’s gone for good, along with all the personalized recommendations and watch history. This guide should have given you all the information you need to confidently navigate your Netflix account settings and make the changes you want.

Whether you’re deleting a profile for a child who’s outgrown their shows or simply tidying up your account, the steps are simple and the process is quick. Just remember to double-check before you confirm that deletion. If you need more help with Netflix or other tech questions, there’s a whole world of resources out there. Keep exploring, keep learning, and, most importantly, keep watching!

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