How to Make Windows 11 Look Like Windows 7: A Step-by-Step Guide

Making Windows 11 look like Windows 7 is like taking a trip down memory lane. You may miss the classic interface or simply prefer the look and feel of Windows 7. Whatever your reasons, you can tweak Windows 11 to resemble the older version closely.

Step by Step Tutorial: Making Windows 11 Look Like Windows 7

Before we jump into the steps, know that these changes will give your Windows 11 a classic makeover, bringing back the familiar Start menu, icons, and overall aesthetic of Windows 7.

Step 1: Get a Windows 7-style Start Menu

The Start menu is the heart of Windows 7’s interface. One way to get it back is by using a third-party app, like StartIsBack or Classic Shell.

After installing the app, you can customize the Start menu to look and function like the one in Windows 7, with the classic layout and icons.

Step 2: Change the Taskbar

Right-click on the taskbar, select Taskbar settings, and choose to use small taskbar buttons. This will give your taskbar a more Windows 7-like appearance.

You can also move the taskbar to the bottom of the screen and adjust the taskbar color to match the classic Windows 7 look.

Step 3: Adjust the File Explorer and System Icons

To get the full Windows 7 experience, you’ll want to change the icons for This PC, Recycle Bin, and your folders. You can find classic icon packs online and apply them through the Windows 11 ‘Personalization’ settings.

After applying the icon pack, your File Explorer will look like it stepped right out of Windows 7, with all the nostalgic icons you remember.

Step 4: Apply a Windows 7 Wallpaper

A quick and easy way to add a Windows 7 feel is by changing your desktop background to a classic Windows 7 wallpaper. Simply download a Windows 7 wallpaper and set it as your desktop background through the ‘Personalize’ option when you right-click on your desktop.

With the classic Windows 7 wallpaper, your desktop will instantly feel more familiar.

Step 5: Change System Sounds

For the cherry on top, change your system sounds to the Windows 7 default sounds. You can do this in the ‘Sound’ settings, under ‘System Sounds.’

Changing the sound scheme to Windows 7 will give you that complete nostalgic experience every time you start up your computer or receive a notification.

Once you complete these steps, your Windows 11 will have a classic look and feel, reminiscent of Windows 7.

Tips: Enhancing the Windows 7 Look on Windows 11

  • Customize your Start menu further by organizing your apps and settings in the classic Windows 7 style.
  • Use a Windows 7 theme pack for a more comprehensive transformation, including window color and system sounds.
  • Tweak the mouse cursor to the classic Windows 7 style for a complete look.
  • Disable Windows 11 features that don’t match the Windows 7 aesthetic, such as widgets or snap layouts.
  • Regularly check for updates on the third-party apps you’ve installed to ensure compatibility and security.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will making Windows 11 look like Windows 7 affect its performance?

Not at all. These aesthetic changes won’t impact the performance of your computer. Windows 11 will still run just as smoothly as before.

Can I switch back to the Windows 11 look easily?

Yes, you can revert to the original Windows 11 interface by undoing the changes you made or by resetting your personalization settings.

Is it safe to use third-party apps to change the Start menu?

As long as you download the apps from reputable sources, they are safe to use. Always ensure they’re compatible with Windows 11 to avoid any issues.

Do I need to install any software to change the icons?

Using icon packs doesn’t necessarily require additional software, but using an icon management tool can make the process easier.

Can I keep some Windows 11 features while making it look like Windows 7?

Absolutely. You can pick and choose which elements to change. You might like the Windows 11 widgets but prefer the Windows 7 Start menu – mix and match as you please!


  1. Install a third-party Start menu app.
  2. Adjust taskbar settings and move it to the bottom of the screen.
  3. Apply a Windows 7 icon pack.
  4. Set a Windows 7 wallpaper as your desktop background.
  5. Change the system sounds to Windows 7 defaults.


After following the steps above, you’ll end up with a Windows 11 system that has the classic look and feel of Windows 7. It’s a great way to enjoy the updated functionality and security of the latest Windows operating system while still keeping the aesthetics you know and love. Remember, making Windows 11 look like Windows 7 is not just about nostalgia; it’s about personalizing your computer to suit your preferences. So go ahead, have some fun with it, and make your PC truly your own. And if you ever miss the modern flair of Windows 11, it’s just a few clicks away to bring it back. Enjoy your computing experience, whichever look you choose!

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