How to Change Double Tap on AirPods: A Step-by-Step Guide

Changing the double tap function on your AirPods is a breeze! In just a few steps, you can customize the controls to your liking. Get ready to learn how to make your AirPods work just the way you want them to.

Step by Step Tutorial: How to Change Double Tap on AirPods

Before we dive into the steps, let’s talk about what we’re aiming to achieve here. By the end of this tutorial, you’ll be able to personalize the double tap function on your AirPods, making them more intuitive and convenient for your daily use.

Step 1: Connect Your AirPods to Your Device

Make sure your AirPods are connected to your iPhone or iPad.

After you’ve ensured that your AirPods are connected, this will allow you to access their settings and make the necessary changes.

Step 2: Open Settings

Go to the Settings app on your device.

The Settings app is where all the magic happens. This is the control room for all your device’s functionalities, including your AirPods’ settings.

Step 3: Tap Bluetooth

Within Settings, find and tap on the Bluetooth section.

Bluetooth is the technology that connects your AirPods to your device, so it’s only natural that you’ll find the options for your AirPods here.

Step 4: Find Your AirPods

Locate your AirPods in the list of devices and tap the “i” icon next to them.

This “i” icon stands for “information.” Tapping it will take you to a screen with all the details and settings specific to your AirPods.

Step 5: Customize Double Tap

Here, you’ll see options for the double tap function for each AirPod. You can choose from options like invoking Siri, playing or pausing audio, and skipping tracks.

This is where you can get creative and choose the functions that best suit your needs and habits.

After completing these steps, your AirPods will now respond to double taps with the actions you’ve selected. Whether you want to quickly change the song, pause your podcast, or ask Siri a question, your AirPods are now tailored to your preferences.

Tips: How to Change Double Tap on AirPods

  • Make sure your AirPods are sufficiently charged before trying to change settings.
  • If you can’t find your AirPods in the Bluetooth settings, put them back in their case and open the lid near your device to reconnect.
  • Remember that you can set different double tap functions for each AirPod.
  • If you’re not happy with the new settings, you can always go back and change them again.
  • Keep your device’s software updated to ensure compatibility and access to the latest features for your AirPods.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I change the double tap function on my AirPods Pro?

Yes, you can change the double tap function on AirPods Pro, but they also have additional controls that are customizable.

The AirPods Pro come with more advanced features like noise cancellation and a force sensor for more control options.

What if my double tap changes aren’t working?

If your changes aren’t taking effect, try disconnecting and reconnecting your AirPods, and ensure your device’s software is up to date.

Sometimes a simple reset can fix minor glitches that prevent settings from being applied properly.

Can I disable the double tap function completely?

Yes, you can choose to have no action assigned to the double tap function for either AirPod.

This might be useful if you find yourself accidentally triggering the double tap actions too often.

How do I reset my AirPods’ settings?

To reset your AirPods’ settings, put them in their case, open the lid, press, and hold the setup button on the back of the case for about 15 seconds until the status light flashes amber, then white.

This will reset your AirPods to their factory settings, and you can then reconnect them to your device and set up your preferences again.

Will changing the double tap settings affect battery life?

No, changing the double tap settings does not significantly affect battery life.

The double tap function is designed to be a low-power feature, so you can customize it without worrying about battery drain.


  1. Connect your AirPods to your device.
  2. Open the Settings app.
  3. Tap Bluetooth.
  4. Find your AirPods and tap the “i” icon.
  5. Customize the double tap function for each AirPod.


So there you have it, folks! Changing the double tap function on your AirPods is as easy as pie. Whether you want to access Siri faster, control your music playback, or simply have more control over your listening experience, customizing your AirPods is a great way to make them truly yours. Just remember to keep your AirPods and device updated to get the most out of them. And if you ever feel like switching things up again, just hop back into your settings and tweak away. Happy listening!

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