How to Remove Margins in Word: A Step-by-Step Guide

Removing margins in Word is a simple process that can give your document a clean, edge-to-edge look. Whether you’re creating a poster, a brochure, or just want to maximize the use of space, getting rid of those default margins is a quick task. Let’s dive into the steps to achieve a margin-less masterpiece.

Step by Step Tutorial on How to Remove Margins in Word

Before we start, it’s important to note that removing margins in Word means that your text and images can go all the way to the edge of the page. This can be great for certain design elements, but make sure it’s what you want for your particular project.

Step 1: Open the Page Layout Menu

Click on the ‘Layout’ or ‘Page Layout’ tab in the ribbon at the top of Word.

This tab is where all the magic happens when it comes to adjusting your document’s layout. You can find all sorts of settings here, but for now, we’re focusing on margins.

Step 2: Click on Margins

In the Page Setup group, click on ‘Margins.’

You’ll see a list of predefined margin options, like ‘Normal,’ ‘Narrow,’ and ‘Moderate.’ These are handy for quick changes, but since we’re removing margins, we’ll need to go a step further.

Step 3: Select Custom Margins

At the bottom of the margins drop-down menu, click on ‘Custom Margins.’

This will open a new window called ‘Page Setup,’ where you can manually set the margins to your liking.

Step 4: Set All Margins to 0

In the ‘Page Setup’ window, set the top, bottom, left, and right margins to 0.

Sometimes, Word will warn you that these margins are outside the printable area. That’s okay! If your printer can handle borderless printing, you can ignore this message. If not, you might want to leave a small margin to avoid any printing issues.

Step 5: Click OK

After setting all margins to 0, click ‘OK’ to apply the changes to your document.

Now, your document should extend to the very edges of the page. If it doesn’t look quite right, you can always go back and adjust the margins slightly to fit your needs.

After completing these steps, your document will have no visible margins, giving you a full-page canvas to work with. Just remember that if you’re planning to print the document, you’ll need a printer that supports borderless printing to achieve the same effect on paper.

Tips for Removing Margins in Word

  • Verify your printer’s capabilities for borderless printing to ensure the final product looks as intended.
  • Consider the purpose of your document; some formal documents may require margins for a professional appearance.
  • Use the ‘Preview’ feature to check how your document will look without margins before printing.
  • Remember that setting margins too small may cause your text or images to be cut off during printing.
  • Save your document with a different name after removing margins, so you still have the original version with default margins.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I remove margins in Word for a specific section of my document?

Yes, you can set different margins for different sections by inserting section breaks and adjusting the margins for each section independently.

Will removing margins affect how my document is printed?

It could. If your printer doesn’t support borderless printing, you might end up with text or images being cut off at the edges when you print.

Can I remove margins in the Word mobile app?

The process may be different or limited on mobile devices. It’s best to use the desktop version of Word for the full range of page layout options.

What if I remove margins and then change my mind?

No worries! You can always go back to the ‘Margins’ menu and select one of the predefined margin settings or create new custom margins.

Can removing margins cause issues with binding or putting the document in a folder?

Yes, if you’re planning to bind your printed document or place it in a folder with clear sleeves, consider leaving some space for the binding margin.


  1. Open the Page Layout Menu
  2. Click on Margins
  3. Select Custom Margins
  4. Set All Margins to 0
  5. Click OK


And there you have it, folks—a simple, straightforward guide on how to remove margins in Word. It’s a task that might seem daunting at first, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll be customizing your documents like a pro. Just remember to keep in mind the purpose of your document and the capabilities of your printer. With a little practice and experimentation, you’ll find the perfect balance between design and functionality.

Removing margins can truly transform the look and feel of your document, giving it a sleek and modern appearance. Whether you’re working on a personal project or a professional presentation, the ability to manipulate margins can set your work apart. So go ahead, give it a try! And if you ever hit a snag, don’t hesitate to revisit these steps or reach out to the community for help. After all, the world of Word processing is a vast and collaborative one, and there’s always something new to learn. Happy editing!

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