How to Use 2 Audio Outputs Simultaneously on Windows 11

Want to rock out to your favorite tunes while someone else in the room jams out to theirs? Or maybe you’re trying to set up a killer gaming station with sound coming from multiple sources. On Windows 11, it’s possible to use two audio outputs at the same time. Keep reading to find out how you can make this happen in just a few easy steps.

Step by Step Tutorial: Using 2 Audio Outputs on Windows 11

Before diving into the nitty-gritty, let’s get a bird’s-eye view of what we’re about to do. We’re going to adjust some settings on Windows 11 that will allow us to use two audio outputs simultaneously. This could mean playing sound through your headphones and speakers at the same time. Ready? Let’s get started.

Step 1: Access Sound Settings

Navigate to your sound settings through the Control Panel or by right-clicking on the sound icon in your taskbar.

In this step, you’ll want to find your way to the sound options on your computer. This can usually be done pretty quickly by right-clicking the speaker icon on the taskbar at the bottom of your screen. You’ll see an option that says "Open Sound settings," which is where you want to go.

Step 2: Enable Stereo Mix

Look for ‘Stereo Mix’ in the ‘Recording’ tab of the sound settings and enable it.

‘Stereo Mix’ is a hidden gem that can replicate the audio going to your primary output device and send it to another one. You might need to right-click in the empty space of the ‘Recording’ tab and check ‘Show Disabled Devices’ to see it. If it’s not enabled, right-click on ‘Stereo Mix’ and select ‘Enable.’

Step 3: Set Stereo Mix as Default Device

Right-click on ‘Stereo Mix’ and set it as the default device.

This step ensures that the ‘Stereo Mix’ device is now the primary device for sound output. It’s like telling your computer, "Hey, let’s make sure any sound goes through here first!"

Step 4: Connect Second Audio Output Device

Plug in or connect your second audio output device to your computer.

Now that ‘Stereo Mix’ is your default device, you can connect your second output. This could be a pair of Bluetooth headphones, another set of speakers, or any audio device you want.

Step 5: Adjust Playback Through Stereo Mix

In the ‘Stereo Mix’ properties, under the ‘Listen’ tab, check the box next to ‘Listen to this device’ and select your second audio output from the dropdown menu.

This final step is where the magic happens. By checking ‘Listen to this device,’ you’re telling ‘Stereo Mix’ to play audio through another device – your second audio output. Don’t forget to click ‘Apply’ to save the changes.

After completing these steps, you should be able to enjoy audio from two separate output devices on your Windows 11 computer. Imagine the possibilities! You can have a movie playing on speakers for the room to enjoy while you’re plugged in with headphones listening to a podcast—no more fighting over who gets to choose what to listen to.

Tips for Using 2 Audio Outputs on Windows 11

  • Make sure your audio drivers are up-to-date to avoid any potential issues.
  • If ‘Stereo Mix’ doesn’t appear in your sound settings, your sound card might not support it, or you may need to update your sound drivers.
  • Adjust the volume of each output device to balance the audio levels to your preference.
  • Remember that using two audio outputs may affect sound quality, so fiddle around with settings to find the best balance.
  • You can also use third-party software to manage multiple audio outputs, but Windows 11 built-in settings are usually sufficient.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use more than two audio outputs at the same time on Windows 11?

Technically, yes. However, this would require additional software, as Windows 11 natively supports up to two audio outputs using the method described above.

Will using two audio outputs affect performance on my PC?

It shouldn’t. The process is not resource-intensive and should not cause any noticeable impact on your computer’s performance.

Can I use two Bluetooth devices as my audio outputs?

Yes, you can. Just make sure both devices are connected, and then select them as described in the steps above.

Is there a way to save these settings for future use?

Unfortunately, Windows 11 does not have a native way to save these specific settings, so you will have to set them up each time you want to use two audio outputs.

What if ‘Stereo Mix’ is not showing up in my sound settings?

If ‘Stereo Mix’ does not appear, it may be because your sound drivers need updating or your sound card does not support this feature.


  1. Access Sound Settings
  2. Enable Stereo Mix
  3. Set Stereo Mix as Default Device
  4. Connect Second Audio Output Device
  5. Adjust Playback Through Stereo Mix


Mastering the art of using two audio outputs simultaneously on Windows 11 can elevate your audio experience, whether it’s for entertainment or productivity. The steps we’ve outlined are straightforward and, with a bit of tinkering, you’ll be set up in no time. Always remember to check for driver updates and compatibility to ensure a smooth setup. Playing sound through two different outputs can be particularly useful when you’re sharing your space or want to immerse yourself in sound without cutting off the rest of the world. So go ahead, give it a whirl, and enjoy the symphony of your digital world in full stereo. And who knows, mastering this small trick might just make you the go-to tech guru among your friends and family when it comes to optimizing their Windows 11 experience.

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