How to Change the Page Order When Printing in Excel for Office 365

Getting an Excel spreadsheet to print the way that you want can be a little frustrating. There are a lot of different options that affect they way your data appears on the printed page, and some of those options may not be something you realize until you’ve already printed and discovered that something was wrong.

One such option concerns the order in which your spreadsheet pages are printed. By default, Excel will go down, then over. This means that the left side of the spreadsheet will print first then, if there is any overflow from additional columns, those columns will print next. For spreadsheets that are only a few pages, putting the in order manually typically isn’t a problem. But it can become problematic for large files, so continue below and see how you can switch to the “Over, then down” option instead.

How to Change from “Down, then over” to “Over, then down” When Printing in Excel

The steps in this article were performed in Microsoft Excel for Office 365, but will work in most other recent versions of Excel as well. Note that this setting only applies to the current spreadsheet. Other Excel files won’t be affected by this change.

Step 1: Open your file in Excel.

Step 2: Select the Page Layout tab at the top of the window.

select the page layout tab

Step 3: Click the small Page Setup button at the bottom-left of the Page Setup section in the ribbon.

click the page setup button

Step 4: Choose the Sheet tab at the top of the window.

choose the sheet tab

Step 5: Click the Over, then down option, then click the OK button.

how to change the print order in excel

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