How to Convert Excel to Google Sheets: A Step-by-Step Guide

If you’ve ever worked with Excel and needed to move your spreadsheets to Google Sheets, you’re in the right place. Converting Excel to Google Sheets is straightforward and can be done in a few easy steps. Here’s a quick rundown: you upload your Excel file to Google Drive, open it with Google Sheets, and voila! It’s converted. Now, let’s dive into the details to make sure you’re comfortable with every step.

How to Convert Excel to Google Sheets

Converting Excel to Google Sheets will allow you to access and edit your data online, collaborate with others in real-time, and take advantage of Google’s powerful tools. Follow these steps to convert your Excel file effortlessly.

Step 1: Upload your Excel file to Google Drive

First, you’ll need to upload your Excel file to Google Drive.

To do this, open Google Drive, click on "New" and select "File upload". Choose your Excel file and upload it.

Step 2: Open the file in Google Sheets

Once the file is uploaded, you need to open it in Google Sheets.

Right-click on the uploaded file, hover over "Open with," and choose "Google Sheets". Your Excel file will open in Google Sheets.

Step 3: Save the file in Google Sheets format

After opening the file in Google Sheets, you’ll want to save it in Google Sheets format.

Go to "File", then "Save as Google Sheets". This will create a new file in Google Sheets format, preserving your original Excel file.

Step 4: Verify data integrity

Check your data to make sure everything transferred correctly.

Sometimes, complex formulas or formatting may not convert perfectly. Go through your Sheets file to ensure all data and formulas are intact.

Step 5: Share your Google Sheets file

Now that your file is in Google Sheets, you can share it with others.

Click the "Share" button, enter email addresses, and set permissions as needed. Your file is now ready for real-time collaboration.

After completing these steps, your Excel file will be fully converted to Google Sheets. You’ll be able to access it from any device with internet access and share it with colleagues for collaborative work.

Tips for Converting Excel to Google Sheets

  • Backup your original file: Before converting, keep a copy of your original Excel file to avoid any data loss.
  • Check formulas and formatting: Some complex formulas or custom formatting may not convert perfectly.
  • Use Google Sheets features: Take advantage of Google Sheets features like real-time collaboration and add-ons.
  • Keep an eye on file size: Large Excel files may take longer to upload and convert.
  • Learn keyboard shortcuts: Speed up your workflow by learning Google Sheets keyboard shortcuts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a Google account to convert Excel to Google Sheets?

Yes, you need a Google account to access Google Drive and Google Sheets.

Can I convert multiple Excel files at once?

You can upload multiple files to Google Drive at once, but each will need to be opened and saved individually in Google Sheets.

Will I lose any data during the conversion?

Typically, data conversion is smooth, but complex formulas or formatting might not transfer perfectly. Always check your data after conversion.

Can I edit my converted file offline?

Yes, you can enable offline mode in Google Drive and Google Sheets to edit files without an internet connection.

Is there a file size limit for Google Sheets?

Yes, Google Sheets has a limit of 5 million cells per spreadsheet.


  1. Upload your Excel file to Google Drive.
  2. Open the file in Google Sheets.
  3. Save the file in Google Sheets format.
  4. Verify data integrity.
  5. Share your Google Sheets file.


Converting Excel to Google Sheets is a breeze if you follow the steps outlined above. Doing so brings the benefits of online accessibility and real-time collaboration, which can boost your productivity. Whether you’re working on a personal project or collaborating with a team, using Google Sheets offers flexibility and a range of powerful features.

Remember to check the converted file for any discrepancies, especially with complex formulas. The more familiar you become with Google Sheets, the more you’ll appreciate its capabilities. So go ahead, give it a try, and experience the ease of managing your spreadsheets online.

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