How to Edit a Link in Excel: A Step-by-Step Guide

Editing a link in Excel is super easy and super important. If you’ve ever clicked on a link that took you somewhere totally unexpected, you know how frustrating it can be. So, when you’re working in Excel and you need to change a link, here’s what you do: First, you right-click on the cell with the link you want to edit. Then, you select "Edit Hyperlink" from the menu that pops up. After that, you just make your changes and hit "OK" to save them. That’s it! Now the link will take you exactly where you want to go.

Step by Step Tutorial: How to Edit a Link in Excel

Before we dive into the steps, know that editing a link in Excel means you’re changing where the hyperlink will take you once clicked. Whether that’s a different website, document, or even a location within the same Excel file, it’s a straightforward process.

Step 1: Right-click on the cell with the hyperlink

Right-clicking on the cell will bring up a menu.

After you’ve located the cell with the hyperlink, give it a good right-click to see a menu of options. This is where you’ll find the "Edit Hyperlink" option, among other things you can do with the cell.

Step 2: Select "Edit Hyperlink"

Click on "Edit Hyperlink" in the menu.

When you click "Edit Hyperlink," a dialog box will appear. This box is where you’ll be able to change the link’s destination, text to display, and even the screen tip that appears when you hover over the link.

Step 3: Make your changes

In the dialog box, you can now edit the link’s address and text.

Change the address to redirect the link to a new webpage or document. You can also change the text that’s displayed in the cell, so it’s clear where the link will take you. If you want, you can add a screen tip too.

Step 4: Click "OK"

After making your changes, click "OK" to save them.

Clicking "OK" will close the dialog box and apply the changes to your hyperlink. Now, when you or someone else clicks on the link, it’ll go to the new destination you’ve set.

After completing these steps, the link in your Excel file will now direct users to the updated destination. Whether it’s a new webpage or a different document, you’ve successfully changed where the link will take you, ensuring your Excel file is accurate and up-to-date.

Tips: Editing a Link in Excel

  • Always double-check the new link to ensure it’s correct before saving your changes.
  • If you’re linking to a document, make sure it’s accessible to the people who’ll be using the Excel file.
  • Keep your display text short and descriptive; it helps users to understand where the link will take them.
  • Use screen tips to provide additional information about the link without cluttering your spreadsheet.
  • Remember that hyperlinks can be used to navigate within the same Excel workbook, not just to external sites or documents.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if the "Edit Hyperlink" option doesn’t show up?

If you don’t see "Edit Hyperlink," make sure you’re right-clicking on the actual hyperlink text or image.

Sometimes the "Edit Hyperlink" option might be missing because the cell doesn’t actually contain a hyperlink. Make sure you’re clicking on the right spot!

Can I edit multiple hyperlinks at once?

To edit multiple hyperlinks at once, you’ll need to use a script or macro, which is a bit more advanced.

Unfortunately, Excel doesn’t have a built-in feature for editing multiple hyperlinks at once. If you need to do this, you might need to look into using a macro or VBA script.

Can I link to a specific part of a document?

Yes, you can link to a specific part of a document by using bookmarks or named ranges.

If you’re linking to a Word document, you can use bookmarks, and in Excel, you can use named ranges to direct users to a specific section.

How do I remove a hyperlink?

To remove a hyperlink, right-click on the cell and select "Remove Hyperlink."

If you don’t want the cell to be clickable anymore, just use the "Remove Hyperlink" option in the right-click menu.

Can I undo editing a hyperlink?

Yes, you can undo the editing by pressing Ctrl+Z or by using the Undo button.

Like most actions in Excel, if you make a mistake or change your mind, just hit "Undo" to revert to the previous link.


  1. Right-click on the cell with the hyperlink
  2. Select "Edit Hyperlink" from the menu
  3. Make your changes in the dialog box
  4. Click "OK" to save your changes


Editing a link in Excel is a straightforward task that can save you and others from the confusion of following outdated or incorrect hyperlinks. By following the easy steps outlined above, you’ll ensure that your Excel files remain professional, functional, and user-friendly. And with the tips provided, you’ll be better equipped to manage your hyperlinks effectively, keeping your work organized and accessible. Always remember to double-check your links, use descriptive text, and consider using screen tips for better user experience. Now that you know how to edit a link in Excel, you can confidently maintain the integrity of your data and the convenience for your users.

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