How to Insert Hyperlink in Excel Cell with Other Text: A Step-by-Step Guide

how to insert hyperlink in excel cell with other text

Inserting a hyperlink into an Excel cell that includes other text can be a handy skill for making your spreadsheets more interactive and informative. You can combine clickable links with regular text to provide additional context or direct readers to external resources. Here’s a quick overview: Use the "Insert Hyperlink" feature in Excel to embed a URL within a cell that also contains other text. You can achieve this by selecting the cell, typing your text, and then using a combination of Excel’s built-in functions.

Step by Step Tutorial on How to Insert Hyperlink in Excel Cell with Other Text

In this section, we’ll break down the process of inserting a hyperlink into an Excel cell that contains other text. Follow these steps to make your data both informative and interactive.

Step 1: Open Excel File

Open the Excel file where you want to insert the hyperlink.

Before starting, make sure your file is ready and you know which cell will contain the hyperlink. Having a clear idea helps keep things organized.

Step 2: Select the Cell

Click on the cell where you want to add the hyperlink.

Selecting the right cell is crucial. Make sure this cell is empty or contains the text you want to modify by adding a hyperlink.

Step 3: Type Your Text

Type the text that you want to include in the cell, along with the URL.

For example, you might write "Visit Google" if you want to link to Google. This step is all about setting the stage for your hyperlink.

Step 4: Highlight the Text

Highlight the specific part of the text that you want to turn into a hyperlink.

Make sure you highlight the exact portion of the text that should become the clickable link. Precision here ensures your link looks professional.

Step 5: Insert Hyperlink

Right-click the highlighted text and select "Hyperlink" from the context menu. Alternatively, you can use the ribbon by clicking "Insert" and then "Hyperlink."

This is where the magic happens. By accessing the hyperlink feature, you can start embedding your URL into the text.

Step 6: Enter URL

In the dialog box that appears, type or paste the URL you want to link to in the "Address" field.

Ensure the URL is correct. Any mistakes here will lead users to the wrong webpage, disrupting their experience.

Step 7: Confirm and Save

Click "OK" to confirm the hyperlink and then save your Excel file.

Double-check everything to ensure it looks right and works correctly. Saving your file preserves your changes.

Once you complete these steps, your selected text will become a clickable hyperlink within the cell. Your spreadsheet will now be more engaging and informative.

Tips for Inserting Hyperlink in Excel Cell with Other Text

  • Always double-check the URL for accuracy to avoid broken links.
  • Consider using a shorter, cleaner URL for a more professional appearance.
  • Use descriptive text for the hyperlink so users know what to expect.
  • Test the hyperlink immediately after creating it to ensure it works correctly.
  • If possible, use a consistent format for hyperlinks within the same document for uniformity.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I edit an existing hyperlink in Excel?

Right-click the cell with the hyperlink, select "Edit Hyperlink," and then modify the URL or the text as needed.

Can I add multiple hyperlinks to one cell in Excel?

Unfortunately, Excel does not support multiple hyperlinks in a single cell. You need to use separate cells for each hyperlink.

How do I remove a hyperlink from a cell?

Right-click the cell containing the hyperlink, select "Remove Hyperlink," and the link will be deleted while keeping the text.

Can I insert hyperlinks in Excel using formulas?

Yes, you can use the HYPERLINK function. For example, =HYPERLINK("", "Click Here") will create a clickable link in the cell.

Is it possible to hyperlink to another sheet in the same workbook?

Yes, you can do this by selecting "Place in This Document" in the hyperlink dialog box and then choosing the sheet and cell reference.


  1. Open Excel File.
  2. Select the Cell.
  3. Type Your Text.
  4. Highlight the Text.
  5. Insert Hyperlink.
  6. Enter URL.
  7. Confirm and Save.


There you have it—a straightforward guide on how to insert a hyperlink in an Excel cell with other text. By mastering this skill, you can make your spreadsheets not only more attractive but also more functional. Imagine your data as a treasure map; hyperlinks are the clues that guide your readers to valuable resources.

Don’t forget to test your links to ensure they work correctly and always use descriptive, concise text to make it clear where each link will take them. For more advanced techniques, consider exploring Excel’s vast array of features and functions. Happy linking!

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