How to Get Formula Bar Back in Excel: A Step-by-Step Guide

Getting the formula bar back in Excel is a simple task that anyone can do with a few clicks. By following these straightforward steps, you can restore the formula bar to its rightful place in your Excel workspace, making it easier to view and edit your formulas.

How to Get the Formula Bar Back in Excel

Here’s a quick guide to help you get the formula bar back in Excel. Completing these steps will ensure that the formula bar is visible, enabling you to access and edit cell formulas with ease.

Step 1: Open Excel

Open the Excel application on your computer.

Make sure you have the Excel application open. If you don’t, locate it on your computer and click the icon to launch it.

Step 2: Go to the View Tab

Navigate to the "View" tab on the Excel ribbon.

The Excel ribbon is the toolbar at the top of the screen. The "View" tab is one of several tabs on this ribbon. Click on "View" to proceed.

Step 3: Check the Formula Bar Box

In the "View" tab, find the "Formula Bar" checkbox and make sure it is checked.

Look for the "Formula Bar" option within the "Show" group in the "View" tab. If the box next to "Formula Bar" is not checked, click it to enable the formula bar.

Step 4: Confirm the Formula Bar is Visible

Check if the formula bar appears at the top of the Excel worksheet.

Once the box is checked, the formula bar should appear immediately. It is located above the column headers and below the ribbon.

Step 5: Save Your Settings

Ensure your settings are saved by closing and reopening Excel.

To make sure the formula bar remains visible in future sessions, close Excel and reopen it to see if the formula bar still appears.

After completing these steps, the formula bar should be restored in your Excel window. This allows you to easily view and edit cell formulas, enhancing your Excel experience.

Tips for Getting the Formula Bar Back in Excel

  • Double-check your version of Excel: Different versions have slight variations in the interface, but the general steps remain the same.
  • Remember the keyboard shortcut: Pressing "Alt + W + V + F" can toggle the formula bar in some versions of Excel.
  • Explore other tabs: If the "View" tab option isn’t available, the option might be under the "File" or "Home" tabs in older versions.
  • Check display settings: Sometimes, display settings can cause elements of Excel to be hidden. Ensure your display settings are normal.
  • Customize the ribbon: If you frequently hide or show the formula bar, consider customizing the ribbon to add a quick-access button for this feature.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my formula bar missing in Excel?

Your formula bar might be missing because it was accidentally hidden. You can restore it by following the steps outlined above.

Can I resize the formula bar in Excel?

Yes, you can resize the formula bar by clicking and dragging the bottom edge of the bar to make it larger or smaller.

What is the formula bar used for?

The formula bar in Excel is used to enter, view, and edit the data or formulas in the selected cell.

How do I hide the formula bar again?

To hide the formula bar, go to the "View" tab and uncheck the "Formula Bar" checkbox.

Does this work in all versions of Excel?

The steps to show or hide the formula bar are generally consistent across all versions of Excel, though the exact location of the options may vary slightly.


  1. Open Excel: Start the Excel application.
  2. Go to the View Tab: Click the "View" tab on the ribbon.
  3. Check the Formula Bar Box: Ensure the "Formula Bar" checkbox is checked.
  4. Confirm the Formula Bar is Visible: Verify the formula bar appears.
  5. Save Your Settings: Close and reopen Excel to save the settings.


Restoring the formula bar in Excel is a quick and easy process that can significantly improve your efficiency when working with spreadsheets. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can ensure the formula bar is always visible, making it easier to enter, view, and edit your formulas.

Whether you’re new to Excel or a seasoned user, knowing how to manage your workspace is crucial. If you’re interested in learning more about Excel functionalities, there are countless resources and tutorials available to help you master this powerful tool.

So, next time you find your formula bar missing, don’t panic. Simply follow these steps, and you’ll have it back in no time. Happy Excel-ing!

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