How to Copy Notes from iPhone: A Step-by-Step Guide

Copying notes from your iPhone is a breeze! All you need to do is find the note you want to copy, press and hold on the text, select “Copy” from the pop-up menu, and then paste it wherever you need it – be it an email, a message, or another app. And voilà, your note has been successfully copied over!

After completing the action, the text from your note will be stored on your iPhone’s clipboard, ready to be pasted into any text field or app of your choosing. It’s like having a digital piece of paper that you can carry around with you wherever you go!


Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you needed to transfer some important information from your iPhone notes to another device or app? Maybe you’re sharing a grocery list with a roommate, or you’ve jotted down some quick thoughts that you want to expand on in a document. Whatever the case, knowing how to copy notes from your iPhone is an essential skill in today’s digital world.

In our on-the-go lives, our phones have become an extension of our memory. We use them to jot down reminders, save important information, and even draft messages or emails. This information is often critical, and being able to move it from one platform to another quickly is vital. Whether you’re a student, a professional, or just someone trying to keep their life organized, understanding how to copy notes from your iPhone will save you time and make sure you always have the information you need at your fingertips.

How to Copy Notes from iPhone

The following steps will guide you through copying notes from your iPhone so that you can paste them into another app or share them with someone else.

Step 1: Open the Notes App and Select the Note You Want to Copy

Navigate to the Notes app on your iPhone and open the note you wish to copy.

When you open the Notes app, you’ll see a list of all your notes. You can tap on any note to open it. Once the note is open, you’ll be able to see all the text and any other content you’ve added to it.

Step 2: Press and Hold on the Text You Want to Copy

Tap and hold on the text until the pop-up menu appears, then tap “Copy.”

You’ll need to press and hold on the text for a second or two. Make sure not to press too hard, or you might activate the 3D Touch or Haptic Touch features. Once the menu appears, tapping “Copy” will store the text on your clipboard.

Step 3: Navigate to the Destination App or Text Field

Exit the Notes app and go to where you’d like to paste the copied text.

Whether it’s a messaging app, an email, or a document, just find the space where you want the text to be placed. Tap on the text field to activate the cursor.

Step 4: Press and Hold on the Text Field and Select “Paste”

Press and hold on the text field until the pop-up menu appears, then tap “Paste.”

Just like when you copied the text, a menu will appear after you press and hold on the text field. Tapping “Paste” will insert the text from your clipboard into the new location.


ConvenienceCopying notes from an iPhone is extremely convenient as it allows you to quickly move information from one app to another without the need for any additional tools or devices.
Time-savingIt saves a significant amount of time compared to manually retyping information or sending it to yourself in other ways.
AccuracyBy copying and pasting, you ensure that the information is transferred accurately without any typos or errors that can occur with manual input.


Limited FormattingWhen you copy text from your iPhone notes, it may not always retain the original formatting when pasted into another app.
Single ClipboardThe iPhone clipboard can only hold one copied item at a time, so you can’t copy multiple notes or pieces of text simultaneously.
Potential for OverwritingIf you copy a new piece of text before pasting what’s already on your clipboard, the original content will be overwritten and lost.

Additional Information

Copying notes from your iPhone is a straightforward process, but there are a few additional tips that can make it even smoother. For example, if you’re copying a large amount of text, you might want to break it down into smaller sections to ensure that you don’t miss anything. It’s also worth noting that the clipboard on your iPhone is universal, which means that once you copy something, you can paste it into any app that accepts text input – not just within the Notes app.

Another handy trick is to use the “Share” button within the Notes app. This feature allows you to send the entire note to another app or service, like an email or a messaging app. It’s particularly useful if you want to share the note with someone else or if you need to transfer it to a different device entirely.

Keep in mind that the ability to copy notes is not just limited to text. You can also copy images, links, and other media that you’ve embedded in your notes. Just press and hold on the item you want to copy, and the same “Copy” menu will appear.

Lastly, remember that your iPhone’s clipboard will clear when you restart your device. So, if you’ve copied something important, make sure to paste it somewhere safe before rebooting your iPhone.


  1. Open the Notes app and select the note you want to copy.
  2. Press and hold on the text and tap “Copy.”
  3. Navigate to the destination app or text field.
  4. Press and hold on the text field and select “Paste.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I copy an entire note at once?

Yes, you can copy the entire content of a note by pressing and holding on the text and then dragging the selection handles to cover all the content you wish to copy.

What happens if I copy something else before pasting?

If you copy new content before pasting, the new content will replace what was previously on your clipboard, and you’ll lose the original copied text.

Can I paste the copied text into any app?

Yes, you can paste the copied text into any app that allows text input, not just within the Notes app.

How long does the copied text stay on my clipboard?

The copied text will stay on your clipboard until you copy something else or restart your iPhone.

Can I copy and paste images from my notes?

Yes, you can copy images by pressing and holding on the image within the note and selecting “Copy” from the menu that appears.


Mastering how to copy notes from your iPhone is a simple yet powerful skill that can greatly enhance your productivity and organization. Whether you’re sharing information, transferring data between apps, or just keeping your thoughts in order, this feature is an invaluable tool in the digital age.

Remember to use it wisely and efficiently—your notes are more than just scribbles; they’re the keys to your digital world. Keep exploring, keep organizing, and most importantly, keep copying those notes to wherever they need to go!

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