How to Stop Using 5G on Your iPhone 13

The iPhone 13’s 5G connection option allows you to connect to 5G networks when they are available and supported by your carrier.

But, if you notice that your iPhone’s battery is going too quickly or that your connection is slow because the 5G connection isn’t robust, you should cease using 5G on the device.

On an iPhone 13, you can disable 5G by heading to Settings > Cellular > Cellular Data Options > Voice & Data > and then selecting the LTE option.

You can also check out this how to turn off 5G on iPhone 13 video on YouTube for additional information.

How to Turn Off 5G on an iPhone

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Choose Cellular.
  3. Select the Cellular Data Options button.
  4. Tap Voice & Data.
  5. Choose LTE.

Our explanation continues below with further information on how to turn off 5G on iPhone 13, including screenshots of the process.

Your iPhone’s 5G connection function allows it to connect to your mobile or cellular provider’s 5G network.

This is the fastest data connection currently available for the iPhone 13. It can frequently provide download and upload speeds that are comparable to or better than those available on your home network.

But this 5G connection can drain your battery quickly, and you may find yourself out of juice early in the day.

If you no longer want your iPhone to connect to 5G and only want to use the LTE connection, you may turn off 5G on your iPhone by following the steps indicated in our tutorial below.

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How to Disable 5G on Your iPhone

The methods in this post were carried out on an iPhone 13 running iOS 16.

Step 1: On your Home screen, select the Settings app icon.

tap Settings

Step 2: From the Settings menu, select Cellular.

select Cellular

Step 3: On the top of the screen, press the Cellular Data Options button.

choose Cellular Data Options

Step 4: Choose Voice & Data near the top of the menu.

choose voice and data

Step 5: Choose LTE to prohibit your iPhone from using 5G.

how to stop using 5G on your iPhone 13

You will be able to toggle this setting on or off whenever you wish to adjust your phone’s access to that network type now that you know how to switch off 5G on iPhone 13.

Turning Off 5G on an iPhone Video

Additional Details about the iPhone 5G

If you’re making this adjustment because your iPhone’s battery is depleting too quickly when using 5G, you might want to try using the Low Power Mode option.

This may be found by heading to Settings > Battery and then selecting Low Power Mode.

When your battery icon turns yellow, you’ll know the setting is active.

Low Power Mode extends the life of your battery by turning off items like Background App Refresh and other options that consume battery life but aren’t necessary for the device to function.

While LTE is quite fast, you may find that your iPhone isn’t downloading or streaming material as quickly as it used to when 5G was enabled.

Another option on your iPhone Cellular menu that you should check into, especially if you go internationally, is Data Roaming.

Data roaming allows your iPhone to connect to different mobile provider networks when traveling, allowing you to continue using the Internet.

Unfortunately, there are normally extra fees involved, and the data use will not be included in your monthly plan.

To disable iPhone cellular data roaming, navigate to Settings > Cellular >Cellular Data Options and uncheck the Data Roaming option.

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