What is Banner Style on iPhone for Notifications? A Complete Guide

Understanding banner-style notifications on your iPhone is pretty straightforward. It’s a way your phone displays alerts for various applications, ranging from text messages to social media updates. Configuring this feature will alter how notifications pop up on your screen, giving you control over their visibility and accessibility.

After you’ve set up banner-style notifications, you’ll notice that alerts will pop up at the top of your iPhone’s screen. They’ll briefly show the notification’s content, then disappear after a few seconds, allowing you to continue with your task uninterrupted.


Imagine you’re deeply engrossed in a game or a movie on your iPhone, and suddenly, a notification covers a significant part of your screen. Annoying, right? Well, that’s where banner-style notifications come in handy. These notifications are designed to be less intrusive, popping up at the top of your iPhone’s screen and quickly disappearing, so you can get a glimpse of your alerts without completely disrupting what you’re doing.

But why is this feature important, and who needs to know about it? Everyone who owns an iPhone, quite frankly. In our fast-paced, digitally connected world, managing the constant influx of information is crucial. Banner-style notifications help you stay on top of your alerts without being bogged down by them. It’s especially beneficial for those who receive a high volume of notifications or anyone looking to streamline their iPhone’s user experience.

Step by Step Tutorial: Setting Up Banner Style on iPhone for Notifications

This section will walk you through the process of setting up banner-style notifications on your iPhone.

Step 1: Open Settings

Tap on the “Settings” app on your iPhone’s home screen.

This step is your gateway to customizing your iPhone’s notification settings. The ‘Settings’ app is where all the magic happens – it’s essentially the control room of your iPhone.

Step 2: Select Notifications

Scroll down and tap on “Notifications.”

In this menu, you will see a list of all the apps installed on your iPhone. This is where you can customize the notification settings for each app individually.

Step 3: Choose an App

Select the app for which you want to adjust the notification style.

By tapping on an app, you’re directing your attention to the specific notifications for that app. This is useful for managing alerts from apps that are particularly active.

Step 4: Tap on Banner Style

Once within an app’s notification settings, look for the “Alert Style When Unlocked” section, and tap on “Banner.”

Choosing ‘Banner’ will change the notification pop-up style for that particular app. It’s a simple yet effective tweak.


Less IntrusiveBanner-style notifications are less intrusive than other styles, allowing you to quickly see an alert without it taking over your entire screen.
Quick GlanceThey provide a brief preview of the notification’s content, which is convenient for deciding whether or not you need to address it immediately.
Auto DisappearsThese notifications disappear after a few seconds, ensuring that they don’t clutter your screen or distract you for too long.


Easy to MissBecause banner-style notifications disappear quickly, it’s easy to miss an alert if you’re not looking directly at your phone.
Limited InformationThey only show a preview of the content, which may not be enough to fully understand the context of the notification.
Potential DistractionDespite being less intrusive, they can still be a distraction, especially if you receive many notifications in a short period.

Additional Information

When it comes to managing notifications on your iPhone, personalization is key. Banner-style notifications are one of the three styles you can choose from – the others being alerts and none. Depending on your preferences and how you use your phone, you might find one more suitable than the others.

For instance, if you’re someone who needs to be immediately aware of every alert, banner-style might not be the best choice due to its transient nature. On the other hand, if you’re going for minimal disruption, banners are your best bet. It’s also worth noting that you can adjust the settings for each app individually – so you could have banner alerts for your email app but full alerts for your messages app. This level of customization ensures that your iPhone’s notification system works optimally for you. Don’t forget to consider the sound settings as well – sometimes, a notification sound can be just as distracting as the visual alert.


  1. Tap on ‘Settings’ to access your iPhone’s control center for notifications.
  2. Select ‘Notifications’ to view all app notification settings.
  3. Choose an app to customize its notification style.
  4. Select ‘Banner’ to enable banner-style notifications for that app.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are banner-style notifications?

Banner-style notifications are alerts that pop up at the top of your iPhone’s screen for a brief moment before disappearing.

Can I choose different notification styles for different apps?

Yes, you can customize the notification style for each app individually through the ‘Notifications’ menu in ‘Settings.’

Will banner-style notifications show on my lock screen?

No, banner-style notifications only appear when your iPhone is unlocked. For lock screen alerts, you can choose the ‘Alert’ style or none.

Can I disable banner-style notifications for all apps at once?

No, you need to adjust the notification settings for each app individually.

What happens if I miss a banner-style notification?

Missed notifications will be stored in the ‘Notification Center,’ which you can access by swiping down from the top of the screen.


In the bustling world of smartphones, managing notifications is essential to maintaining productivity and focus. Banner-style notifications on the iPhone offer a solution that balances awareness and discretion. It’s a user-friendly feature that caters to the diverse needs of iPhone users, providing a quick glimpse of incoming alerts without demanding immediate attention.

By customizing your notification settings, you ensure that your iPhone serves you and not the other way around. So, take control and tailor your iPhone’s alerts to suit your lifestyle – your future self will thank you for the streamlined experience.

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