What Is True Tone on iPhone 11? A Comprehensive Guide

In this article, we will dive into the world of True Tone on the iPhone 11. You will learn about what True Tone is, how it works, and the steps to enable or disable it on your device. Additionally, we’ll explore the pros and cons of using True Tone and provide some extra information to enhance your understanding of this feature. So, let’s get started and uncover all there is to know about True Tone!

After completing the action of enabling or disabling True Tone on your iPhone 11, you will notice a change in the appearance of your screen. The colors may seem more natural and comfortable to your eyes depending on your environment’s lighting conditions.


Imagine looking at your iPhone 11 screen and seeing colors that feel just right, no matter where you are. That’s what True Tone technology promises – a more comfortable and natural viewing experience. But what exactly is True Tone, and why should you care about it? True Tone is a display technology that Apple introduced with the iPad Pro and has included in many of its devices since then, including the iPhone 11. It uses advanced sensors to adjust the color and intensity of your device’s display to match the light in your environment. This means that whether you are in a dimly lit room or outside under bright sunlight, the colors on your screen will appear consistent and easy on the eyes.

True Tone is particularly relevant for those who use their iPhones for extended periods, such as reading, browsing, or working. It can help reduce eye strain and make the display appear more natural, similar to reading a book under different lighting conditions. For many users, this can result in a more pleasant and comfortable viewing experience. Now, let’s learn how to harness the power of True Tone on your iPhone 11.

True Tone Tutorial on iPhone 11

Before we get into the nitty-gritty of enabling True Tone, let’s understand what following these steps will achieve. By the end of this tutorial, you’ll have enabled (or disabled) True Tone on your iPhone 11, which will adjust your screen’s color temperature based on your current lighting environment.

Step 1: Open Settings

Open the Settings app on your iPhone 11.

When you open Settings, you’ll find a long list of options. Don’t feel overwhelmed; we’re only focusing on the Display & Brightness section for now.

Step 2: Go to Display & Brightness

Scroll down and select the “Display & Brightness” option.

Once in the Display & Brightness menu, you’ll see various settings related to your screen’s appearance.

Step 3: Toggle True Tone

Find the True Tone switch and toggle it on or off based on your preference.

If you decide to turn True Tone on, your iPhone 11 will immediately begin adjusting the display based on ambient lighting conditions.


Reduced Eye StrainEnabling True Tone can make the screen easier on your eyes, especially in varied lighting environments.
Natural ColorsTrue Tone helps the screen mimic natural light, making colors appear more accurate and pleasing.
Automatic AdjustmentTrue Tone automatically adapts the display without any input required from the user, making it a convenient feature.


Battery DrainTrue Tone might consume more battery as it continuously uses sensors to adjust the display.
Inconsistent Color AccuracyFor professionals in design or photography, True Tone could affect color accuracy needed for work.
Limited Impact in Controlled LightingIn environments with consistent lighting, the impact of True Tone might be less noticeable.

Additional Information

When discussing True Tone on the iPhone 11, it’s important to remember that it’s part of a suite of features designed to improve your viewing experience. However, True Tone is not the same as Night Shift, another feature that changes the colors of your display, but specifically to reduce blue light exposure at night. While both aim to reduce eye strain, they serve different purposes and can be used together for an even more comfortable viewing experience.

Another tip is to make sure your device’s front sensors are not covered. True Tone relies on these sensors to read ambient light, so if they’re obstructed, the feature won’t work correctly. Also, keep in mind that True Tone will not be available if your iPhone is in Low Power Mode, as it temporarily disables certain features to conserve battery.

Finally, if you’re someone who relies on color accuracy for work, consider disabling True Tone during those tasks. While the feature aims to provide a natural look, it can sometimes alter the way colors are intended to be seen in digital designs or photographs.


  1. Open Settings on your iPhone 11.
  2. Scroll down and select “Display & Brightness.”
  3. Toggle the True Tone switch to enable or disable the feature.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between True Tone and Night Shift?

True Tone adjusts the color temperature of your display based on ambient light to make it appear more natural, while Night Shift reduces blue light exposure to help you sleep better.

Can True Tone be used with Night Shift?

Yes, True Tone and Night Shift can be used together for a more comfortable viewing experience, especially at night.

Does True Tone affect battery life?

True Tone might have a minimal impact on battery life since it uses sensors to adjust the display continually.

Should I use True Tone if I need color accuracy for work?

If color accuracy is crucial for your work, you may want to disable True Tone to ensure you’re seeing colors as they are intended.

Can I use True Tone in Low Power Mode?

No, True Tone will not be available when your iPhone is in Low Power Mode, as it conserves battery by disabling certain features.


True Tone on the iPhone 11 is a feature that elevates your device’s display to adapt to your environment, aiming to reduce eye strain and provide a more natural and comfortable viewing experience. Whether you’re an avid reader, a night owl, or someone who spends a lot of time on their phone, True Tone can make a noticeable difference.

Remember, it’s all about personal preference and usage habits, so give True Tone a try and see how it works for you. If it’s not your cup of tea, now you know how to toggle it off with ease. Happy viewing!

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