How Much Space Does Windows 11 Take on SSD: Storage Requirements

Wondering how much space Windows 11 takes on your SSD? Well, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll quickly go over how much storage space you need to install Windows 11 and some steps to help you manage your storage space more efficiently. After reading this, you’ll have a clearer understanding of the space requirements and how to make the most out of your SSD with Windows 11.

Step by Step Tutorial on How Much Space Windows 11 Takes on SSD

Before we dive into the steps, it’s important to understand that knowing the space Windows 11 takes can help you plan your storage needs. Whether you’re upgrading from a previous version or setting up a new system, it’s crucial to ensure you have enough space for smooth operation.

Step 1: Check the official Windows 11 space requirements

Microsoft states that you need at least 64GB of storage to install Windows 11.

Knowing the official requirements is a good starting point, but it’s worth noting that you’ll likely need more space for updates, apps, files, and other data.

Step 2: Consider the additional space needed for updates and personal use

It’s recommended to have more space than the minimum requirement.

Updates, especially major ones, can take up a significant amount of space. Plus, you’ll need room for your personal files and any software you plan to install.

Step 3: Use Storage Sense to manage space on your SSD

Storage Sense is a feature in Windows that can help you free up space automatically.

This tool can delete temporary files, empty the recycle bin, and get rid of old files in the download folder among other things.

After completing these steps, you’ll have a better understanding of the space Windows 11 requires and how to keep your SSD from getting too full.

Tips on Managing Space with Windows 11 on SSD

  • Keep an eye on the storage capacity of your SSD and consider upgrading if necessary.
  • Regularly use Storage Sense to keep unnecessary files from taking up space.
  • Uninstall apps and programs you no longer use.
  • Store large files and media on an external drive or cloud storage.
  • Keep your system clean and organized to make the most of your storage space.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum SSD size recommended for Windows 11?

The minimum SSD size recommended is at least 64GB.

Will Windows 11 run smoothly on a 64GB SSD?

While Windows 11 can be installed on a 64GB SSD, it may not run as smoothly, especially with additional apps and files.

Can I use an external drive to supplement my SSD storage for Windows 11?

Yes, you can use external drives for additional storage.

How can I check how much space Windows 11 is taking on my SSD?

You can check this in the Storage settings under System settings.

Does Windows 11 take more space than Windows 10?

Windows 11 and Windows 10 have similar space requirements, but Windows 11 may use slightly more due to new features.


  1. Check the official Windows 11 space requirements.
  2. Consider the additional space needed for updates and personal use.
  3. Use Storage Sense to manage space on your SSD.


When it comes to managing your SSD storage with Windows 11, preparation, and maintenance are key. Understanding that the operating system requires a minimum of 64GB is just the tip of the iceberg. It’s the extra space that you allow for updates, applications, and personal files that truly determines how efficiently Windows 11 will run on your machine.

Regularly using features like Storage Sense can significantly help in optimizing your storage space. However, being proactive by uninstalling unnecessary apps, and offloading large files to external or cloud storage can also contribute to a smoother experience.

Ultimately, while Windows 11 heralds new efficiency and aesthetic improvements, it also calls for smarter storage practices. So, keep these tips and steps in mind to ensure your SSD is not only compliant with Windows 11 requirements but also optimized for the best performance. Don’t let your system’s efficiency be hamstrung by something as manageable as storage space – after all, with a bit of know-how and regular upkeep, your SSD and Windows 11 can work together harmoniously.

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