How to Always Show More Options in Windows 11: A Step-by-Step Guide

Windows 11 is here and it’s packed with new features, including a more streamlined and modern interface. One of these features is the ability to always show more options in the context menu. This is useful because it allows you to quickly access advanced options without having to click through multiple menus. Let’s dive into how you can enable this feature in just a few simple steps.

Step by Step Tutorial on How to Always Show More Options in Windows 11

Before we get started on the steps, let’s quickly talk about what we’re aiming to achieve here. By following these steps, you will enable the Windows 11 feature that shows more options in the right-click context menu by default. This means you won’t have to click "Show more options" every time you right-click on something.

Step 1: Open the Registry Editor

Type "regedit" in the Windows search bar and click on the Registry Editor app to open it.

The Registry Editor is a powerful tool that allows you to modify the Windows operating system’s settings. Be cautious when using it, as making incorrect changes can cause system instability.

Step 2: Navigate to the Context Menu Key


This is the section of the Registry where context menu settings are stored. You will be creating a new entry here to enable the feature.

Step 3: Create a New Key

Right-click on the CLSID key, select New, and then click on Key. Name this new key {86ca1aa0-34aa-4e8b-a509-50c905bae2a2}.

Creating a new key is like adding a new setting to your computer. This specific key is the one that controls the context menu options.

Step 4: Create a New Subkey

Within the new key you just created, right-click again, select New, and click on Key. Name this new subkey InprocServer32.

This subkey will hold the value that tells Windows 11 to always show more options in the context menu.

Step 5: Set the Default Value

With the InprocServer32 subkey selected, double-click on the (Default) value in the right pane and press OK without typing anything in the Value data field.

This step is crucial because it’s what activates the feature. Leaving the Value data field empty is the correct way to set this particular value.

After completing these steps, you’ll have successfully enabled the feature to always show more options in the context menu on Windows 11. Now, whenever you right-click on a file, folder, or desktop, you’ll see the full context menu without having to select "Show more options."

Tips for Always Showing More Options in Windows 11

  • Always backup your registry before making changes to avoid system issues.
  • If you’re not comfortable editing the registry, you can wait for a Windows update that might include an easier way to enable this feature.
  • Remember that this feature is only available in Windows 11, so make sure your system is up to date.
  • If you don’t see the changes take effect immediately, try restarting your computer.
  • If you ever want to revert back to the original context menu, simply delete the keys you created in the Registry Editor.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Registry Editor?

The Registry Editor is a tool in Windows that allows you to view and change settings in the system registry, which stores configuration information about the operating system.

Can editing the Registry damage my computer?

Yes, editing the Registry can potentially cause problems if not done correctly. It’s important to follow instructions carefully and backup the Registry before making changes.

Will this feature work on Windows 10?

No, this feature to always show more options in the context menu is specific to Windows 11.

Do I need administrative privileges to edit the Registry?

Yes, you typically need to be an administrator on the computer to make changes to the Registry.

Can I undo the changes I make in the Registry?

Yes, you can undo changes by deleting the keys you created or restoring from a backup.


  1. Open the Registry Editor.
  2. Navigate to the Context Menu Key.
  3. Create a new key named {86ca1aa0-34aa-4e8b-a509-50c905bae2a2}.
  4. Create a new subkey named InprocServer32.
  5. Set the default value of the InprocServer32 subkey to an empty field.


Now you’re a pro at customizing your Windows 11 experience! With these steps, you’ve taken control of your right-click context menu, making it more efficient and tailored to your needs. No more clicking "Show more options" every single time – productivity win! As we’ve seen, a little tinkering under the hood of your operating system can yield some pretty handy results. Just remember to tread carefully when dealing with the Registry Editor and always keep a backup handy, just in case. Keep exploring, keep tweaking, and keep making Windows 11 work better for you. If you found this guide helpful, dive deeper, and discover what other customizations you can implement to improve your workflow. After all, with Windows 11, the possibilities are vast, and the power is in your hands. Happy computing!

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