How to Change NAT Type in Windows 11: A Comprehensive Guide

Changing your NAT Type on Windows 11 is a straightforward process that can significantly enhance your online gaming and connection experience. By tweaking a few settings, you can switch your NAT type from strict to open or moderate, reducing lag and improving your network connectivity. Follow these steps to get it done.

How to Change NAT Type Windows 11

Changing the NAT type on your Windows 11 will improve your network performance, making online gaming and other internet activities smoother. Here’s how you can achieve this:

Step 1: Access Your Router’s Web Interface

Open your web browser and type your router’s IP address in the address bar.

Usually, you can find the router’s IP address on a sticker on the router or in the user manual. Common IPs are or Hit Enter, and you’ll be prompted to log in.

Step 2: Log Into Your Router

Enter your username and password.

These credentials are generally admin/admin or admin/password unless you’ve changed them. If you don’t remember, check your router’s documentation or reset the router to default settings.

Step 3: Find the UPnP Settings

Navigate to the UPnP settings in your router’s interface.

UPnP stands for Universal Plug and Play, and it allows your device to automatically open ports. Look for this setting under sections like "Advanced," "Settings," or "Networking."

Step 4: Enable UPnP

Enable UPnP by toggling the setting to "On."

This step is crucial because enabling UPnP will help your computer communicate better with the router, thus improving your NAT type. Save the settings and exit the interface.

Step 5: Restart Your Router and Computer

Turn off and then turn on your router and computer.

Restarting both ensures that the new settings take effect. After the restart, your NAT type should be more open, improving your network experience.

After completing these steps, your NAT type should change to open or moderate, which will reduce lag and improve your connection.

Tips for Changing NAT Type Windows 11

  • Check Your Router Manual: Always consult your router’s user manual for specific instructions.
  • Update Router Firmware: Ensure your router firmware is up to date for the best performance.
  • Use a Wired Connection: A wired connection can offer more stability compared to Wi-Fi.
  • Disable Double NAT: If you have multiple routers, make sure only one is doing the NAT processing.
  • Consult ISP: Sometimes your ISP can help configure your NAT settings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I change my NAT type?

Changing your NAT type can reduce lag and improve your ability to connect with others in online games.

What if I can’t find the UPnP setting?

Refer to your router’s manual or contact customer support for assistance.

Is it safe to enable UPnP?

While UPnP is generally safe, it can have security risks. Ensure your network is secure to avoid potential issues.

Can I revert the changes?

Yes, you can log back into your router’s interface and disable UPnP if needed.

What does NAT stand for?

NAT stands for Network Address Translation, a method used to remap IP addresses by modifying network address information.


  1. Access your router’s web interface.
  2. Log into your router.
  3. Find the UPnP settings.
  4. Enable UPnP.
  5. Restart your router and computer.


Changing your NAT type on Windows 11 can drastically improve your online experience. By following the steps outlined, you’ll enable smoother online gaming and better network performance. Remember, if you encounter any issues, consulting your router’s manual or contacting your ISP can provide additional guidance. For more tweaks and tips on optimizing your Windows 11 setup, stay tuned to our blog. Happy gaming!

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