How to Change the Name Servers for Your Hostgator Domain: A Step-by-Step Guide

Changing the name servers for your HostGator domain is a simple process that involves logging into your HostGator account, navigating to the domain management section, and updating the name servers with the new values provided by your hosting provider. After updating, it may take up to 48 hours for the changes to propagate across the internet.

Step by Step Tutorial: Changing HostGator Domain Name Servers

Before diving into the step-by-step process, remember that changing your name servers will point your domain to a new hosting provider. This is often done when you’re moving your website to a new host.

Step 1: Log in to your HostGator account

Head over to the HostGator website and sign in using your credentials.

Once you’re logged in, you’ll have access to your account dashboard where you can manage all aspects of your hosting and domains. It’s important to keep your login details secure to prevent unauthorized access.

Step 2: Access the Domain Management Area

Navigate to the ‘Domains’ section of your account dashboard.

This area of your account is where you can see all the domains you have registered with HostGator. From here, you can also renew domains, update contact information, and of course, change name servers.

Step 3: Select the Domain to Update

Find the domain for which you want to change the name servers and click on it.

Make sure you select the correct domain if you have multiple domains in your account. You wouldn’t want to change the settings for the wrong website!

Step 4: Update Name Servers

Locate the name server section and replace the existing name servers with the new ones.

You’ll typically have two or more fields to fill out, each with a corresponding name server provided by your new hosting company. Double-check the new name server values to prevent any errors.

Step 5: Save Changes

Once you’ve entered the new name servers, save your changes.

After saving, HostGator will process the update. Remember that these changes can take some time to take effect, usually up to 48 hours due to DNS propagation.

After completing these steps, your domain will start pointing to the new hosting provider. Keep in mind that during the propagation period, your website might be intermittently accessible or inaccessible.

Tips for Changing HostGator Domain Name Servers

  • Always double-check the new name server values before saving them to avoid downtime due to incorrect information.
  • Make sure your domain is not locked, as this can prevent changes to the name servers.
  • Change name servers during a low-traffic period since DNS changes can take some time to propagate.
  • Keep track of when you make the change so you can follow up if there are issues after 48 hours.
  • Understand that changing name servers does not transfer your website files; you’ll need to migrate your website content separately.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do name server changes take to propagate?

The changes can take up to 48 hours to fully propagate across the internet.

During propagation, internet service providers worldwide update their records to reflect your domain’s new name server settings.

Will my website be down during propagation?

Your website may be intermittently accessible or completely inaccessible during the propagation period.

This is normal and is simply due to various internet service providers updating their records at different times.

Can I change my name servers back if I make a mistake?

Yes, you can change your name servers back to the original values if needed.

If you do realize you’ve made a mistake, correct it as soon as possible to minimize website downtime.

Do I need to change my name servers if I’m only changing my website hosting within HostGator?

Not necessarily. If you’re switching to another HostGator server, they may handle it internally without a need to change name servers.

However, always check with HostGator support to confirm.

What happens if I enter the wrong name server information?

Entering incorrect name server information will direct your domain to the wrong server, leading to website downtime.

As soon as you notice an error, correct the name server information to resolve the issue.


  1. Log in to your HostGator account.
  2. Access the Domain Management Area.
  3. Select the Domain to Update.
  4. Update Name Servers.
  5. Save Changes.


Changing the name servers for your HostGator domain is a straightforward process, but it’s one that holds significant weight. The name servers essentially act as the internet’s GPS for your domain, guiding users to where your website lives. It’s crucial to take this task seriously and ensure that the details are entered correctly. If you’re ever unsure about the process, don’t hesitate to reach out to HostGator’s support team for assistance. They’re the experts, after all, and they’re there to help you ensure your website’s success. Remember, after you update your name servers, patience is key. Give it time for the changes to spread across the web, and soon enough, your website will be up and running on its new host, ready to welcome visitors from all corners of the globe.

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