How to Enable 10 Bit Color in Windows 11: A Step-by-Step Guide

how to enable 10 bit color windows 11

Enabling 10-bit color on Windows 11 can significantly enhance your visual experience by providing richer and more accurate colors. This guide will walk you through the steps to enable 10-bit color, ensuring your screen displays the most vivid and true-to-life images possible. You’ll need a compatible monitor and graphics card to take advantage of this feature.

Step-by-Step Tutorial: How to Enable 10-Bit Color on Windows 11

In this section, we’ll guide you through the exact steps needed to enable 10-bit color on your Windows 11 machine.

Step 1: Open Settings

Press the Windows key, then click on the Settings icon, or type "Settings" and hit Enter.

The Settings app is your control center. Here, you can adjust various system settings, including display options.

Step 2: Go to Display Settings

In the Settings menu, select ‘System,’ then click on ‘Display.’

The Display section allows you to adjust screen resolution, brightness, and color settings.

Step 3: Advanced Display Settings

Scroll down and click on ‘Advanced display settings.’

This section provides detailed information about your monitor and allows you to adjust more specific display settings.

Step 4: Select the Correct Display

If you have multiple monitors, choose the one you want to enable 10-bit color on from the dropdown menu.

Choosing the correct display ensures that you are adjusting the settings for the right monitor.

Step 5: Set 10-bit Color

Click on ‘Display adapter properties for Display 1,’ go to the ‘Monitor’ tab, and then select the ‘High-bit depth’ under the color settings if available.

This final step activates 10-bit color depth, providing a more vibrant and accurate color display.

After completing these steps, your monitor should now display in 10-bit color, providing you with richer and more accurate colors.

Tips: How to Enable 10-Bit Color on Windows 11

  • Make sure your monitor and graphics card both support 10-bit color.
  • Update your graphics card drivers to the latest version before enabling 10-bit color.
  • Check if HDR is enabled; some monitors require HDR to be on for 10-bit color.
  • Regularly calibrate your monitor to maintain color accuracy.
  • Consult your monitor’s manual for specific instructions related to 10-bit color settings.

Frequently Asked Questions: How to Enable 10-Bit Color on Windows 11

What is 10-bit color?

10-bit color increases color depth, allowing for over a billion different color combinations compared to 16.7 million in 8-bit color.

Do I need a special monitor for 10-bit color?

Yes, your monitor must support 10-bit color; otherwise, you won’t see the benefits.

Can my graphics card handle 10-bit color?

Make sure your graphics card supports 10-bit color. Check the specifications on the manufacturer’s website.

Is HDR necessary for 10-bit color?

While not always necessary, some monitors require HDR to be enabled to support 10-bit color.

How can I tell if 10-bit color is working?

You can use specialized software like DisplayHDR Test to verify if your monitor is displaying 10-bit color.


  1. Open Settings.
  2. Go to Display Settings.
  3. Advanced Display Settings.
  4. Select the Correct Display.
  5. Set 10-bit Color.


Enabling 10-bit color on Windows 11 can transform your visual experience, making everything look more vibrant and lifelike. While the steps are straightforward, ensuring your hardware supports 10-bit color is crucial. This feature isn’t just for gamers or graphic designers—it can make everyday tasks look better, too. If you often work with photos, videos, or simply enjoy watching high-quality media, enabling 10-bit color can make a noticeable difference.

For further reading, consider exploring more about HDR and color calibration techniques. These topics are closely related and can further enhance your display experience. So, go ahead, take the plunge, and make your Windows 11 display the best it can be.

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