How to Fix Lagging Laptop Windows 11: Top Tips for Smoother Performance

If your laptop running Windows 11 is lagging, don’t worry! You can fix it with a few simple steps. First, check for updates. Then, clear out unnecessary files and programs. Finally, adjust your system settings for optimal performance. Follow these steps, and you’ll have your laptop running smoothly in no time.

How to Fix Lagging Laptop Windows 11

These steps will help you troubleshoot and improve your laptop’s performance by addressing common issues that cause lagging. Let’s dive in!

Step 1: Check for Windows Updates

Updating your system keeps it running smoothly.

Ensure your laptop has the latest updates by going to Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update, and clicking "Check for updates." Install any available updates.

Step 2: Optimize Startup Programs

Control what programs start when your laptop boots.

Go to Task Manager by pressing Ctrl + Shift + Esc. Click the "Startup" tab and disable any unnecessary programs that run at startup. This will free up resources.

Step 3: Clean Up Disk Space

Remove unnecessary files to make more room.

Use "Disk Cleanup" by typing it in the search bar and selecting it. Check the boxes for files you don’t need, like temporary files and system cache, and click "OK" to delete them.

Step 4: Adjust Visual Effects

Reduce the strain on your system by tweaking visual settings.

Go to Control Panel > System and Security > System. Click "Advanced system settings," then the "Settings" button under Performance. Select "Adjust for best performance" to disable fancy visual effects.

Step 5: Update Drivers

Keep your hardware running efficiently with the latest drivers.

Open Device Manager by typing it in the search bar. Right-click on any devices with a yellow triangle and choose "Update driver." This ensures your hardware is running smoothly.

Step 6: Scan for Malware

Ensure your system is free from harmful software.

Run a full scan using Windows Defender or your preferred antivirus program. Malware can significantly slow down your system.

Step 7: Restart Your Laptop

A simple restart can solve many issues.

Click the Start button, then "Power," and select "Restart." This refreshes your system and can resolve minor issues.

After completing these steps, your laptop should run much faster and more efficiently. Regular maintenance like this can prevent lagging issues in the future.

Tips for Fixing Lagging Laptop Windows 11

  • Keep your system updated to avoid performance issues.
  • Regularly clean up disk space to ensure ample room for your system to operate.
  • Disable unnecessary startup programs to speed up boot time.
  • Adjust visual effects to lighten the load on your system.
  • Run regular malware scans to keep your system secure.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my Windows 11 laptop lagging?

Lagging can be caused by outdated software, too many startup programs, lack of disk space, or malware.

How often should I update my drivers?

It’s a good idea to check for driver updates every couple of months or when you notice performance issues.

Can too many background programs cause lag?

Yes, having too many programs running in the background can strain your system’s resources and cause lag.

Is it safe to disable startup programs?

Disabling non-essential startup programs is generally safe and can improve boot time and performance.

How can I tell if I have malware?

Common signs include slow performance, unexpected pop-ups, and unusual system behavior. Running a full antivirus scan can help detect and remove malware.


  1. Check for Windows updates.
  2. Optimize startup programs.
  3. Clean up disk space.
  4. Adjust visual effects.
  5. Update drivers.
  6. Scan for malware.
  7. Restart your laptop.


Fixing a lagging laptop running Windows 11 is easier than you might think. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can significantly improve your laptop’s performance. Regular updates, disk cleanups, and malware scans are essential for keeping your system in top shape. While technology can sometimes be a pain, staying on top of these maintenance tasks will make your digital life smoother and more enjoyable. If you find these tips helpful, be sure to share them with others who might be facing similar issues. Happy computing!

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