How to Sign Out of Amazon Prime on Roku 3: A Step-by-Step Guide

Signing out of Amazon Prime on your Roku 3 is simpler than you might think. Just navigate to the Amazon Prime Video app, select the settings option, and click on the ‘Sign Out’ button. Voilà! You are now successfully signed out.

Once you complete this action, your Amazon Prime account will no longer be accessible through the Roku 3 device. This means you will not be able to watch any Prime Video content until you sign in again.


Ah, the world of streaming devices – where the entertainment options are endless, and the convenience is unmatched. One such device that has found its way into our living rooms is the Roku 3. With its sleek design and user-friendly interface, it’s no wonder so many people have chosen it as their go-to streaming device. But what happens when you need to sign out of an app, like Amazon Prime?

Maybe you’re planning to sell or gift your Roku, or perhaps you’re troubleshooting an issue with the app. Perhaps you’re simply a privacy buff who prefers to sign out after each use. Whatever the reason, knowing how to sign out of Amazon Prime on your Roku 3 is essential knowledge for any user. This task is especially relevant for those who share their Roku device with others, as it prevents unauthorized access to your Amazon Prime account. So, let’s dive into the steps you need to take to sign out of Amazon Prime on your Roku 3.

Step by Step Tutorial: How to Sign Out of Amazon Prime on Roku 3

Before we jump into the steps, let’s clarify what we’re trying to achieve. Following these steps will ensure that your Amazon Prime account is no longer linked to your Roku 3 device, thereby securing your account and giving you peace of mind.

Step 1: Access the Amazon Prime Video App

Open the Amazon Prime Video app on your Roku 3.

This is where it all starts. Make sure your Roku 3 is on and you’re on the home screen. Use the remote to navigate to the Amazon Prime Video app and open it.

Step 2: Navigate to Settings

Once in the app, locate and select the ‘Settings’ option.

You’ll typically find this at the top of the screen. Use your Roku remote’s arrow buttons to get there, and press ‘OK’ to select it.

Step 3: Select ‘Sign Out’

Scroll down the settings and find the ‘Sign Out’ option, then select it.

You might have to scroll a bit, but it’s there. Once you find it, highlight the option by scrolling to it and press ‘OK’ on your remote.

Step 4: Confirm the Sign Out

A confirmation message will appear. Select ‘Sign Out’ again to confirm your action.

The app wants to make sure you really want to sign out, so it’ll ask you again. If you’re sure, just click on ‘Sign Out’ one more time.


Secures AccountSigning out of Amazon Prime on Roku 3 ensures that no one else who has access to your Roku can use your Amazon Prime account without your permission.
Easy TroubleshootingIf you’re having issues with the Amazon Prime app on Roku 3, signing out and then signing back in can solve many common problems.
Prepares For Device TransferIf you’re planning to sell or give away your Roku 3, signing out of all personal apps, like Amazon Prime, is a necessary step to protect your information.


InconvenienceHaving to sign out and then sign in again can be a bit of a hassle, especially if you frequently switch between different Roku devices.
Forgotten CredentialsThere is always the risk of forgetting your login details once you sign out, which could lock you out of your Amazon Prime account.
Multiple UsersIf multiple people use the same Roku 3 device, signing out of Amazon Prime means others cannot watch Prime Video until you sign in again.

Additional Information

While the steps above are straightforward, there are a couple of things you might want to keep in mind. If your Roku 3 is used by multiple people, it’s a good idea to let everyone know you’re signing out of the Amazon Prime app, so they aren’t caught off guard when they can’t access the content. Also, it’s worth noting that if you have other devices connected to your Amazon Prime account, signing out of just the Roku 3 won’t affect those.

Another tip is to ensure your Roku 3 has the latest updates installed. Sometimes, logging out issues can be caused by outdated software. So, take a moment to check for updates before you start the sign-out process. And remember, if you’re signing out because you’re having trouble with the app, a simple restart of your Roku 3 after signing out can work wonders.


  1. Open the Amazon Prime Video app on your Roku 3.
  2. Navigate to the ‘Settings’ option within the app.
  3. Select the ‘Sign Out’ option.
  4. Confirm the action by selecting ‘Sign Out’ again when prompted.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I can’t find the ‘Sign Out’ option in the settings?

Ensure that you are in the Amazon Prime Video app settings, not the Roku 3 system settings. If it’s still not there, try updating the app.

Will signing out of Amazon Prime on my Roku 3 sign me out on other devices?

No, it will only sign you out from the Roku 3 device.

Can I sign back into Amazon Prime on my Roku 3 after signing out?

Absolutely, just enter your login credentials, and you’ll be back in.

What should I do if I forget my Amazon Prime login details?

Visit the Amazon website and use the ‘Forgot your password’ feature to reset your credentials.

Can someone else use my Amazon Prime account on their Roku device?

Yes, but only if you give them your login details. Always keep your credentials private.


Mastering the art of navigating your Roku 3 settings is a must, and knowing how to sign out of Amazon Prime is a part of that mastery. Whether it’s for security, troubleshooting, or preparation for a device transfer, the steps provided will ensure a smooth and successful sign-out process. Remember, while it may seem like a small task, it’s one that can save you from potential headaches in the future.

As we wrap up, consider taking a moment to review your Roku 3’s security settings. Are there other apps you should sign out of? Are your passwords strong enough? Taking these precautions can enhance your streaming experience, ensuring that it remains both enjoyable and secure. Time to grab that remote and take control of your Roku 3 and your Amazon Prime account – happy streaming!

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