How Do I Know if I Have Amazon Prime? Tips to Check Your Membership

To find out if you have Amazon Prime, you can check your membership status directly through the Amazon website or by looking at the payment methods linked to your account. After completing these steps, you’ll be able to confirm your membership status and take full advantage of the perks that come with Amazon Prime.

After completing the action, you will know whether you have an active Amazon Prime membership and you can start enjoying the benefits that come with it, such as free two-day shipping, access to Prime Video, and exclusive deals.


Have you ever found yourself wondering whether you have an active Amazon Prime membership? It’s a common question, especially considering the myriad of services and subscriptions we manage on a daily basis. Amazon Prime is a popular subscription service offered by the e-commerce giant, Amazon, which provides a plethora of benefits to its members. These benefits include free two-day shipping on eligible items, access to streaming of movies, TV shows, and music, as well as exclusive shopping deals and discounts.

Knowing whether you have Amazon Prime is crucial, as it can save you money on shipping and provide you with access to a wide array of entertainment options. This information is particularly relevant to online shoppers and media consumers who frequently purchase from Amazon or use its streaming services. So, let’s dive into the simple steps you can take to confirm your Amazon Prime status and ensure you’re not missing out on any prime benefits.

Step by Step Tutorial: How to Check Your Amazon Prime Membership

The following steps will guide you through the process of determining whether or not you have an active Amazon Prime membership.

Step 1: Log in to your Amazon account

Start by signing in to your Amazon account using your email address and password.

Once you are logged in, you will have access to your account information, including your membership details. Make sure you’re using the correct account if you have multiple or shared accounts with family members.

Step 2: Navigate to “Your Account”

Go to the top right corner of the Amazon homepage and click on “Account & Lists” to access your account settings.

In this section, you will find a variety of options related to your account, such as orders, security settings, and payment options. You’re looking for a specific section pertaining to your Prime membership.

Step 3: Check the “Your Prime Membership” section

Within the “Your Account” menu, find and click on “Your Prime Membership.”

This page will display the status of your Amazon Prime membership, including the start date, renewal date, and membership type. If you see details about your membership, it means you’re currently subscribed to Amazon Prime.


Free Two-Day ShippingAmazon Prime members enjoy free two-day shipping on millions of eligible items, saving money and time on frequent purchases.
Access to Prime VideoPrime membership comes with access to a vast library of movies and TV shows available for streaming, offering entertainment at your fingertips.
Exclusive DealsAmazon Prime members have access to exclusive deals, including Prime Day discounts, which can lead to significant savings on a variety of products.

Free two-day shipping is one of the most compelling reasons to have Amazon Prime. It’s convenient, especially for those who regularly order from Amazon, as it can lead to significant savings on shipping costs over time. Instead of waiting the standard shipping time or paying extra for expedited shipping, Prime members can receive their orders quickly at no additional cost.

Access to Prime Video provides a great value addition for entertainment seekers. The service offers a wide range of movies, TV shows, and Amazon Originals that can be streamed on various devices. It’s a fantastic perk for those looking to expand their entertainment options without subscribing to separate streaming services.

Exclusive deals are available throughout the year, with the most notable being Prime Day, a special event where Prime members can find major discounts on a wide variety of items. This benefit alone can make the membership worthwhile for savvy shoppers looking to score deals on products they need or want.


Annual FeeThe cost of Amazon Prime, charged annually or monthly, may not be justifiable for infrequent Amazon shoppers.
Overwhelming OptionsThe vast array of products and services can be overwhelming, leading to impulse purchases or decision paralysis.
Limited AvailabilitySome Amazon Prime benefits, such as same-day delivery, are not available in all areas, which can be disappointing for members in certain locations.

The annual fee for Amazon Prime can be a drawback for those who do not frequently shop on Amazon or utilize the additional perks. While the benefits can outweigh the cost for regular users, casual shoppers might not find enough value in the membership to justify the expense.

The overwhelming options available to Prime members can sometimes lead to impulse buying or difficulty in making purchasing decisions. With so many products and deals at your fingertips, it’s easy to get carried away or feel overwhelmed by the choices.

Limited availability of certain benefits can be a con for some members. While Amazon strives to expand its services, not all areas have access to the full range of Prime perks. This can be particularly frustrating for members who live in rural or less-serviced areas and cannot take advantage of features like same-day or one-day delivery.

Additional Information

Now that you know how to check if you have Amazon Prime, it’s important to consider the value it brings to your shopping and entertainment habits. Amazon Prime is more than just free shipping; it’s a comprehensive service that offers a wide range of benefits, from streaming services to grocery delivery with Prime Pantry.

It’s also worth noting that Amazon offers a free trial of Prime for eligible customers. If you’re not sure about committing to the membership, this can be an excellent way to test out the benefits before you decide to pay for the service. Additionally, Amazon provides discounted Prime memberships for students and qualifying government assistance recipients, making it more accessible to a broader audience.

Remember, your Amazon Prime membership is tied to the account you sign up with, so make sure you’re checking the correct account, especially if you share membership benefits with family members or roommates.


  1. Log in to your Amazon account.
  2. Navigate to “Your Account.”
  3. Check the “Your Prime Membership” section.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I cancel my Amazon Prime membership if I have one?

If you wish to cancel your Amazon Prime membership, navigate to “Your Prime Membership” under “Your Account,” and you will find an option to end your membership or cancel a free trial.

Can I share my Amazon Prime benefits with family members?

Yes, Amazon Prime members can share certain benefits with another adult in their household through Amazon Household.

What is included in Amazon Prime Video?

Amazon Prime Video offers a wide range of movies, TV shows, and Amazon Originals available for streaming on various devices.

Does Amazon Prime offer a student discount?

Yes, Amazon offers a Prime Student membership with a free trial and discounted rates for college students.

If I cancel my Amazon Prime membership, will I get a refund?

Amazon may offer a partial refund based on your use of Prime benefits and the time left on your membership.


There you have it, the steps to find out if you have Amazon Prime and what to expect from its myriad of benefits. Whether you’re an avid online shopper, a movie buff, or just looking for ways to save on frequent purchases, Amazon Prime could be a valuable service for you. Always assess how the benefits align with your personal or household needs, and take advantage of the trial period if you’re still on the fence.

Remember, staying informed about your subscriptions empowers you to make the most out of them and ensures you’re not paying for services you don’t use. Keep these tips in mind, and happy shopping with your Amazon Prime membership!

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