How to Unlock Taskbar in Windows 11: A Step-by-Step Guide

Unlocking the taskbar in Windows 11 is a simple yet essential process for customizing your desktop experience. By unlocking the taskbar, you can move it to different positions on the screen, resize it, and tweak its properties to better suit your workflow. Let’s dive into the steps to free your taskbar from its default position.

Step by Step Tutorial: Unlocking the Taskbar in Windows 11

Before we get started, it’s important to note that unlocking the taskbar will allow you to modify its appearance and functionality. This can be useful if you want to change the location of the taskbar or adjust its size.

Step 1: Right-click on the taskbar

Begin by right-clicking on an empty space on your taskbar.

Right-clicking on the taskbar will open a context menu with various options. If you see the option "Lock the taskbar" with a checkmark next to it, it means that your taskbar is currently locked.

Step 2: Click on "Lock the taskbar" to toggle it off

Select the "Lock the taskbar" option to unlock it.

Once you click on this option, the checkmark should disappear, indicating that the taskbar is now unlocked and can be modified as you see fit.

Step 3: Drag the taskbar to your desired location

Click and hold the taskbar, then drag it to the top, bottom, left, or right edge of the screen.

Dragging the taskbar to a new position on the screen will change the layout of your desktop. You can also adjust the thickness of the taskbar by hovering your cursor over its edge until it becomes a double-sided arrow, and then clicking and dragging to resize.

After completing these steps, your taskbar will be unlocked, and you can customize it to your liking. You can move it to different areas of the screen, resize it for more or less space, and access the taskbar settings for additional options.

Tips for Unlocking the Taskbar in Windows 11

  • Make sure to right-click on an empty space on the taskbar, not on an icon or the start button.
  • If you’re having trouble finding an empty space, try minimizing all windows to get a clear view of the taskbar.
  • Once the taskbar is unlocked, consider rearranging your taskbar icons for better access to frequently used apps.
  • Remember that you can always lock the taskbar again by following the same steps and toggling the "Lock the taskbar" option back on.
  • Explore the taskbar settings to discover more customization options like changing the taskbar color, hiding labels, or enabling small taskbar buttons.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I move the taskbar to the sides of the screen in Windows 11?

Yes, you can move the taskbar to the left or right sides of the screen, as well as the top or bottom, once it’s unlocked.

If I unlock the taskbar, will it affect my open windows?

No, unlocking the taskbar will not affect your open windows. However, moving the taskbar might change the available screen space for your windows.

How do I resize the taskbar after unlocking it?

Hover over the edge of the taskbar until the cursor turns into a double-sided arrow, then click and drag to adjust the size.

Is it possible to lock the taskbar in a new position?

Yes, after moving the taskbar to your desired location, you can lock it again to prevent accidental changes.

Will unlocking the taskbar change its appearance?

Unlocking the taskbar itself won’t change its appearance, but it will allow you to customize its look through the taskbar settings.


  1. Right-click on the taskbar.
  2. Click on "Lock the taskbar" to toggle it off.
  3. Drag the taskbar to your desired location.


Now that you’ve learned how to unlock the taskbar in Windows 11, you can personalize your desktop to fit your style and needs. It’s a straightforward process, but it opens up a world of possibilities for arranging your workspace. Whether you prefer the taskbar at the top for ease of access or on the side for a more minimalist look, the choice is yours. Play around with the settings and find what works best for you. Remember, your taskbar is more than just a launchpad for your applications—it’s a tool that can enhance your productivity and reflect your personal flair. So go ahead, unlock that taskbar, and make Windows 11 truly your own!

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