Vertically Splitting a Page in MS Word on Windows 11: A Step-by-Step Guide

Splitting a page vertically in MS Word on Windows 11 is a task that can be quite handy when you’re working with large documents or comparing texts side by side. It’s a simple process that involves just a few clicks, and voila, you have your page split into two panes that can be scrolled independently.

Step by Step Tutorial to Vertically Split a Page in MS Word on Windows 11

Before we dive into the step-by-step tutorial, let’s quickly understand what we’re aiming to achieve here. Vertically splitting a page in MS Word allows you to view and work on two different sections of a document at the same time. This can be incredibly useful for cross-referencing or editing long documents without constantly scrolling back and forth.

Step 1: Open your document in MS Word

Opening your document is the first step in this process.

Once you have your document open in MS Word, you’re ready to start the process of splitting your page vertically.

Step 2: Select the ‘View’ tab

The ‘View’ tab is located on the ribbon at the top of the Word window.

By selecting the ‘View’ tab, you will be able to access the options that will allow you to split your page.

Step 3: Click on ‘Split’

The ‘Split’ button is located within the ‘Window’ group on the ‘View’ tab.

After clicking ‘Split’, a horizontal line will appear in your document. You can click and drag this line to where you want to split the page.

Step 4: Drag the split line to your preferred position

Dragging the split line allows you to determine where the page will be divided.

You can place the split line anywhere on the page, depending on what sections you want to view simultaneously.

Step 5: Adjust the panes if necessary

After splitting the page, you might need to adjust the size of the panes.

You can do this by clicking and dragging the split line up or down, depending on your preference.

Once you have completed these steps, you will have two independent panes that you can scroll through separately. This is particularly beneficial for comparing different sections of a document or working on two different parts simultaneously.

What Will Happen After Completing the Action

After successfully splitting your page in MS Word, you’ll notice that your document now displays two separate panes, which can be scrolled independently. This allows for greater flexibility and efficiency when editing or reviewing documents.

Tips for Vertically Splitting a Page in MS Word on Windows 11

  • Make sure your document is fully loaded before attempting to split the page to avoid any glitches.
  • If you want to compare texts from different documents, open both documents in MS Word and then split the page.
  • Remember that you can also split the page horizontally by clicking on ‘Arrange All’ in the ‘View’ tab if that suits your needs better.
  • To remove the split, simply double-click on the split line or click on ‘Remove Split’ in the ‘View’ tab.
  • Use the split view in conjunction with other Word features such as ‘Track Changes’ or ‘Comments’ for a powerful editing and reviewing experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I split a page into more than two panes?

No, MS Word only allows you to split the page into two panes, either vertically or horizontally.

Will splitting a page affect the document’s formatting?

Splitting a page does not alter the formatting of the document. It simply changes the way you view the document in Word.

Can I work on both panes at the same time?

Yes, you can work on both panes independently and make edits as needed.

Is it possible to split a page when in ‘Web Layout’ or ‘Read Mode’?

No, the split feature is only available in ‘Print Layout’ view.

Can I save a document with the page split?

The split view is only for on-screen viewing and editing. When you save your document, it will not retain the split view.


  1. Open your document in MS Word.
  2. Select the ‘View’ tab.
  3. Click on ‘Split’.
  4. Drag the split line to your preferred position.
  5. Adjust the panes if necessary.


In conclusion, vertically splitting a page in MS Word on Windows 11 is a feature that enhances your productivity and makes your document editing process much smoother. It’s a simple yet powerful tool that allows you to multitask efficiently within a single document. Whether you’re a student, a writer, or someone who regularly works with lengthy reports, this function can save you time and frustration.

Remember, it’s always about working smarter, not harder. With the split-page feature, MS Word proves yet again why it’s the go-to word processing software for millions of users around the world. So, the next time you find yourself lost in a sea of text, struggling to compare, edit, or reference different sections of your document, give this nifty trick a try. You might just wonder how you ever managed without it. Happy editing, and may your productivity soar!

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