How to Enable the Notification Reminder on Android: A Step-by-Step Guide

Enabling the notification reminder on Android is a straightforward process. First, go to the Settings app on your device. Next, navigate to the Accessibility settings, and then to the Notification Reminder feature. From there, you can turn it on and customize it according to your preferences. By following these simple steps, you’ll never miss an important notification again.

After enabling the notification reminder on your Android device, you’ll receive periodic alerts for unread notifications. This ensures that you’re always aware of any missed messages, emails, or app alerts, even if you didn’t hear the initial notification sound.


Picture this: you’re in the middle of a busy workday, and your phone buzzes with a notification. You’re too caught up to check it immediately, and when you finally get a moment, you’ve completely forgotten about it. We’ve all been there, right? That’s where the notification reminder on Android devices comes in handy. It’s a feature that gives you a nudge about notifications you might have missed.

Why is this important? Well, we live in a world where we’re constantly bombarded with information. It’s easy to overlook something significant amid all the digital noise. Whether it’s a message from a loved one, an email regarding a job opportunity, or a reminder for a medical appointment, missing notifications can have real consequences. Enabling the notification reminder feature can help you stay on top of things without having to constantly check your phone. It’s not just a convenience; for some people, it’s a necessity. So, whether you’re a busy professional, a caregiver, or anyone who relies on their phone’s notifications, this feature could be a game-changer for you.

The Step by Step Tutorial on How to Enable the Notification Reminder on Android

The following steps will guide you through the process of turning on and setting up the notification reminder feature on your Android device.

Step 1: Open the Settings app

Access the Settings app on your Android phone.

The Settings app is often found on the home screen or in the app drawer. It’s represented by a gear icon and is the control center for all your device’s features and configurations.

Step 2: Navigate to Accessibility settings

Scroll down and select “Accessibility” from the list of options.

Accessibility settings are designed to make devices easier to use for those with visual, hearing, or other impairments, but they also contain features that can be useful for everyone.

Step 3: Find Notification Reminder

In the Accessibility settings, locate and tap on the “Notification Reminder” option.

This feature may be under different sub-menus depending on your Android version and device.

Step 4: Enable Notification Reminder

Switch the toggle to turn on the Notification Reminder feature.

Once enabled, this feature will periodically remind you of unread notifications until they are checked.

Step 5: Customize Your Reminder

Customize the settings to your preference, such as reminder intervals and specific apps to receive reminders for.

Setting up the feature to your liking will help ensure that you’re only reminded of the notifications that matter most to you.


Stay OrganizedHelps you keep track of important notifications and manage your digital life better.
CustomizableAllows you to choose the frequency of reminders and select which apps to include, making it a personalized experience.
AccessibilityMakes your device more user-friendly, especially for those who may have difficulty noticing or accessing notifications.


Potential AnnoyanceFrequent reminders can become bothersome, especially if not set up properly.
Battery ConsumptionThe feature may contribute to faster battery drain as the device periodically wakes to provide reminders.
Learning CurveSome users may find the process of navigating settings and customizing features a bit complex.

Additional Information

Getting the most out of the notification reminder feature on your Android phone is about striking the right balance. Adjusting the frequency of reminders can help you stay informed without feeling overwhelmed. Remember, it’s not about being notified all the time; it’s about being notified at the right time.

You also might wonder if this feature can distinguish between high-priority notifications and less important ones. The answer is, it depends on how you customize it. You can select specific apps for which you want reminders, so you might choose to only be nudged for emails and messages, but not for social media alerts.

Another tip is to use the Do Not Disturb function in tandem with the notification reminder. You can schedule Do Not Disturb to silence notifications during certain hours, and then rely on the reminder to catch up on anything you missed. This way, you’re not disturbed during important meetings or while sleeping, but you’re still kept in the loop.

Remember, enabling the notification reminder on Android is about enhancing your productivity and ensuring you don’t miss out on anything important. Use it wisely, and it’ll become an indispensable part of your daily routine.


  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Navigate to Accessibility.
  3. Tap on Notification Reminder.
  4. Enable the feature.
  5. Customize reminder settings.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Notification Reminder feature on Android?

It’s a feature that periodically reminds you of unread notifications on your device.

Can I select specific apps for notifications reminders?

Yes, you can customize the settings to receive reminders for specific apps.

Will enabling this feature drain my battery faster?

It may have a minor impact on battery life, but proper configuration can mitigate this.

Is the Notification Reminder feature only for people with disabilities?

No, it can be useful for anyone who wants to stay on top of their notifications.

Can I adjust the frequency of reminders?

Yes, you can set the reminder interval to your preference.


In conclusion, enabling the notification reminder on Android can be a real lifesaver for those moments when life gets too busy, and you miss an important alert. It’s all about staying connected and informed without letting your digital life become a source of stress. So why not give it a try? It’s a simple tweak that could make a big difference in how you interact with your device and manage your day.

Whether you’re someone who needs a little extra nudge or just someone looking to streamline your smartphone usage, the notification reminder feature is there to ensure you’re always in the know.

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