How to Remove a Word from Autocorrect on iPhone: A Step-by-Step Guide

Are you tired of your iPhone’s autocorrect changing your words into something you didn’t mean? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Autocorrect can be a helpful tool, but sometimes it can be a bit too eager to correct your typing. If you want to remove a word from autocorrect on your iPhone, it’s actually a pretty simple process. You’ll just need to go into your keyboard settings and reset your dictionary. After that, your iPhone won’t automatically change the word you want to keep.

Step by Step Tutorial: How to Remove a Word From Autocorrect on iPhone

Before we dive into the steps, it’s important to understand that by following these instructions, you’ll be resetting your keyboard dictionary. This means that any custom words you’ve added to your dictionary will be removed, and you’ll need to add them again if you want them to be recognized.

Step 1: Open the Settings app on your iPhone

Opening the Settings app is the first step to adjusting any of your iPhone’s system preferences.

Once you have opened the Settings app, you’ll see a list of options. You need to scroll down and find the "General" section.

Step 2: Tap on "General"

In the General section, you’ll find several options related to your iPhone’s overall operation.

Once you have tapped on "General," you’ll see another list of options. You’ll need to scroll down until you find "Reset."

Step 3: Tap on "Reset"

The Reset section contains options for resetting various parts of your iPhone.

Once you have tapped on "Reset," you’ll see a list of different reset options. You need to find and tap on "Reset Keyboard Dictionary."

Step 4: Enter your passcode if prompted

For security reasons, your iPhone may prompt you to enter your passcode before you can make changes to your keyboard dictionary.

After entering your passcode, you’ll receive a confirmation prompt warning you that you’re about to reset your keyboard dictionary.

Step 5: Tap on "Reset Dictionary"

By tapping on "Reset Dictionary," you’re confirming that you want to remove all custom words from your autocorrect dictionary.

After you tap on "Reset Dictionary," your iPhone will remove all custom words you’ve added to your dictionary. This means that the word you want to remove from autocorrect will no longer be automatically changed.

After you complete the action, your iPhone’s autocorrect will no longer have the word you wanted to remove saved in its dictionary. This means that when you type that word, it won’t be automatically corrected to something else. Keep in mind that this also means any other custom words you’ve added to your dictionary will need to be re-added if you still want them to be recognized.

Tips: Enhancing Your iPhone Typing Experience

  • If you find that autocorrect is more trouble than it’s worth, you can turn it off entirely in your keyboard settings.
  • To prevent autocorrect from changing a specific word in the future, you can add it to your iPhone’s text replacement list.
  • If you only have an issue with a few words, consider manually correcting autocorrect each time it happens to train it.
  • Regularly review your iPhone’s text replacement list and keyboard dictionary to ensure they’re up to date with your typing habits.
  • Use third-party keyboard apps if you want more control over your autocorrect and typing experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add a word to autocorrect on my iPhone?

To add a word to autocorrect on your iPhone, you can type it repeatedly and manually correct it each time autocorrect tries to change it, or add it to your text replacement list in the keyboard settings.

Can I remove just one word from autocorrect without resetting my entire dictionary?

Unfortunately, there isn’t a way to remove just one word from your autocorrect dictionary on an iPhone. You’ll need to reset the entire dictionary.

Will resetting my keyboard dictionary affect my text replacement shortcuts?

No, resetting your keyboard dictionary will not affect any text replacement shortcuts you’ve set up.

Can I undo a keyboard dictionary reset on my iPhone?

Once you’ve reset your keyboard dictionary, you cannot undo the action. You’ll need to re-add any custom words you want to be recognized.

Is there a way to back up my keyboard dictionary before resetting it?

There isn’t a way to back up your keyboard dictionary specifically. However, if you have an iCloud backup of your iPhone, it should include your keyboard dictionary.


  1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone.
  2. Tap on "General."
  3. Tap on "Reset."
  4. Enter your passcode if prompted.
  5. Tap on "Reset Dictionary."


In conclusion, while autocorrect can be a handy feature, it can sometimes get in the way of our unique typing habits. Whether you want to remove a mischievous word that keeps popping up or you’re just looking to start fresh, resetting your keyboard dictionary is a straightforward solution. Just remember that this will remove all custom words, so you might have to do a bit of re-teaching afterward. And if autocorrect is causing more frustration than ease, consider turning it off or exploring alternative keyboard options that give you more control. At the end of the day, how you communicate through your iPhone is a personal choice, and there are plenty of ways to tailor your typing experience to your liking.

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