How to Delete a Word from iPhone Dictionary: Step-by-Step Guide

Deleting a word from your iPhone’s dictionary may seem like a daunting task, but it’s actually quite simple. The iPhone’s dictionary is what powers the predictive text feature, suggesting words as you type. When the dictionary learns an incorrect word, it can be frustrating, but there’s a way to fix it. Here’s a quick overview: go to Settings, reset the keyboard dictionary, and then manually teach it the correct word.

Step by Step Tutorial: How to Delete a Word from iPhone Dictionary

Before we dive in, it’s important to understand that deleting a word from the iPhone dictionary will reset your keyboard dictionary entirely. This means that any custom words or phrases you’ve taught your iPhone will also be removed. But don’t worry, we’ll cover how to re-teach your iPhone the correct words later on.

Step 1: Open Settings on Your iPhone

Navigate to the Settings app on your iPhone’s home screen.

Opening the Settings app is the first step in making any changes to your iPhone’s system preferences. It’s the app with the gear icon, and it’s typically located on your home screen.

Step 2: Tap on General

Scroll down and select the ‘General’ option from the Settings menu.

The ‘General’ section of the Settings app contains various options for managing your iPhone’s overall functionality, including the keyboard settings.

Step 3: Scroll Down and Tap on Reset

Locate the ‘Reset’ option towards the bottom of the General settings page.

Resetting certain features on your iPhone can help resolve issues or restore default settings. In this case, we’re interested in resetting the keyboard dictionary.

Step 4: Tap on Reset Keyboard Dictionary

Find and select the option to reset your keyboard dictionary.

By selecting ‘Reset Keyboard Dictionary,’ you’re instructing your iPhone to erase all the custom words, slang, and nicknames that have been saved. This will revert your keyboard dictionary back to its original state.

Step 5: Enter Your Passcode if Prompted

If your iPhone has a passcode, you’ll need to enter it to confirm the reset.

Entering your passcode ensures that you’re the one authorizing changes to your iPhone’s settings, keeping your device secure.

After completing these steps, your iPhone’s keyboard dictionary will be reset to its default settings. You’ll notice that the predictive text feature will no longer suggest the incorrect word you wanted to remove.

Tips: How to Delete a Word from iPhone Dictionary

  • Back up your iPhone regularly: Before making any significant changes to your iPhone settings, ensure you have a recent backup.
  • Use text replacement: For words you often mistype, consider adding them to the text replacement list in keyboard settings.
  • Teach your iPhone new words: After resetting the dictionary, type out the words you want your iPhone to learn and select them when they appear in the predictive text bar.
  • Be patient: It may take some time for your iPhone’s dictionary to relearn your typing habits and vocabulary.
  • Check for updates: Make sure your iPhone is running the latest version of iOS, as updates often include improvements to the keyboard and dictionary.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I prevent my iPhone from learning incorrect words?

Be mindful of the words you’re using and the predictive text suggestions. If you notice an incorrect word, avoid selecting it so that your iPhone doesn’t learn it.

Can I delete a single word from the iPhone dictionary without resetting it?

Unfortunately, no. The only way to remove a word from the dictionary is by resetting it entirely.

Will resetting the keyboard dictionary affect other devices connected to my iCloud?

No, resetting the keyboard dictionary only affects the device on which you perform the reset.

How often should I reset my iPhone’s keyboard dictionary?

Only reset your keyboard dictionary if it has learned many incorrect words and the predictive text feature is more of a hindrance than a help.

Can I back up my keyboard dictionary before resetting it?

The keyboard dictionary is included in your iPhone’s general backup, but there’s no way to back up or restore the dictionary separately.


  1. Open Settings on your iPhone.
  2. Tap on General.
  3. Scroll down and tap on Reset.
  4. Tap on Reset Keyboard Dictionary.
  5. Enter your passcode if prompted.


So there you have it, a comprehensive guide on how to delete a word from the iPhone dictionary. It’s a straightforward process that can save you from a lot of frustration while typing. Remember, the key is to reset the keyboard dictionary and then patiently re-teach your iPhone the words or phrases you use regularly. Keep in mind that technology is constantly evolving, and so is the functionality of our devices. With every update, new features are added, and existing ones are improved, including the iPhone dictionary. So, always make sure your device is up to date to take advantage of these enhancements. If you found this article helpful, feel free to share it with others who might also benefit from knowing how to manage their iPhone’s dictionary. Happy typing!

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