Does iPhone 8 Have Portrait Mode? Find Out Here!

To determine whether the iPhone 8 has Portrait Mode, one would need to do a quick overview of the phone’s camera features. Portrait Mode is a popular feature that allows for depth-effect photos, where the subject is in sharp focus while the background is blurred, mimicking the look of a DSLR camera. This feature has been a selling point for newer iPhone models, but the question is, does the iPhone 8 have it?

After completing this action, you will know if your iPhone 8 has Portrait Mode and understand how to use it if available.


When it comes to smartphones, the camera is one of the major factors that influence a buyer’s decision. And if you’re an iPhone enthusiast, you’re probably well aware of the Portrait Mode – a feature that has been a game-changer in mobile photography. But what if you’re an iPhone 8 user or considering getting one? Does the iPhone 8 have Portrait Mode?

This question is not only relevant for those looking to upgrade their phone but also for photography aficionados who want to make the most out of their iPhone’s camera. Portrait Mode has become a must-have for many, as it allows photographers to create beautiful images with a professional look. Understanding whether the iPhone 8 offers this feature will help users make informed decisions about their current or future devices.

Step by Step Tutorial on How to Use Portrait Mode on iPhone 8

Before diving into the steps, it’s essential to know that the iPhone 8 Plus, not the iPhone 8, supports Portrait Mode. Now, let’s explore how to use it on an iPhone 8 Plus.

Step 1: Open the Camera App

Open the Camera app on your iPhone 8 Plus.

The Camera app on the iPhone 8 Plus has various modes that you can swipe through. Portrait Mode will be among them, clearly labeled.

Step 2: Select Portrait Mode

Swipe to Portrait Mode in the Camera app.

Once you are in Portrait Mode, the interface will guide you on how to position the camera to get the best shot.

Step 3: Position Your Subject

Position your subject within the on-screen prompt to get the depth-effect.

The camera will prompt you to move closer or farther away to ensure the depth-effect can be applied correctly.

Step 4: Take the Photo

Press the shutter button to take your Portrait Mode photo.

After taking the photograph, you can go to the Photos app to see the professional-looking result.


Professional LookPortrait Mode creates a depth-effect that makes your subject stand out sharply against a beautifully blurred background.
Easy to UseThis mode is user-friendly and guides the photographer to position the camera correctly for the best results.
VersatilityPortrait Mode can be used for various subjects, from people to pets to objects, providing flexibility in what you can capture.


AvailabilityPortrait Mode is only available on the iPhone 8 Plus, not the standard iPhone 8.
Requires Good LightingTo achieve the best results, Portrait Mode requires adequate lighting, which might not always be available.
Learning CurveWhile user-friendly, it still takes some practice to master positioning and other aspects to take the perfect Portrait Mode photo.

Additional Information

While the iPhone 8 doesn’t have Portrait Mode, the iPhone 8 Plus does, offering users the ability to capture stunning images with a depth effect. If you’re an iPhone 8 user and keen on having Portrait Mode, you might consider upgrading to the 8 Plus or a newer iPhone model that supports this feature.

Remember, lighting and positioning play a significant role in the quality of Portrait Mode photos. So, practice and experiment with the mode to get a feel for how it works, and you’ll soon be snapping professional-looking photos with your iPhone 8 Plus.


  1. Open the Camera app.
  2. Swipe to Portrait Mode.
  3. Position your subject as prompted.
  4. Take your photo.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the iPhone 8 have Portrait Mode?

No, the standard iPhone 8 does not have Portrait Mode; this feature is available on the iPhone 8 Plus and newer models.

Can the iPhone 8 take professional photos without Portrait Mode?

Yes, the iPhone 8 can still take high-quality photos, but it won’t have the depth-effect that Portrait Mode provides.

Is there any way to get Portrait Mode on an iPhone 8?

There are third-party camera apps available that simulate the depth-effect, but they are not native to the iPhone 8’s camera.

Can I use Portrait Mode on objects, or is it just for people?

Portrait Mode can be used on any subject, including objects, as long as the camera can detect the subject and apply the necessary depth-effect.

How can I improve my Portrait Mode photos?

Ensure good lighting, practice with positioning, and use the editing options available in the Photos app to enhance your photos further.


In conclusion, while the iPhone 8 might lack the coveted Portrait Mode, the 8 Plus variant does include this feature. If you’re an iPhone 8 user longing for those depth-effect photos, remember that upgrading to an 8 Plus or a newer model is an option.

The world of iPhone photography is constantly evolving, and Portrait Mode is just one of the many features that keep users captivated. Whether you’re a seasoned iPhone photographer or just starting, mastering the art of Portrait Mode can elevate your mobile photography game to new heights.

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