How to Enable or Disable Military Time on iPhone: A Step-by-Step Guide

Switching between standard time and military time on your iPhone is simple. Just access your Settings, tap on General, then Date & Time, and toggle the 24-Hour Time switch. Voila! You’ve either enabled or disabled military time, according to your preference.

After completing this action, your iPhone will display the time in either the 12-hour format (AM/PM) or the 24-hour format, commonly known as military time. This change will be reflected across your device, including the lock screen, home screen, and in apps where the time is displayed.


Ever needed to switch between a 12-hour and a 24-hour clock on your iPhone but weren’t sure how? Whether you’re a military buff, an international traveler, or someone who simply prefers the clarity of a 24-hour format, this article is for you.

The 24-hour clock, often referred to as military time, is a timekeeping convention where the time of day is divided into 24 hours, from midnight to midnight. It’s widely used across the world and especially in professions where precision and clarity about time are crucial – think healthcare, aviation, or the army, of course.

Knowing how to toggle between these time formats on your iPhone can be handier than you think. Maybe you’ve downloaded an app that uses military time, or perhaps you’re syncing your phone with a schedule set in a 24-hour format. Whatever the reason, it’s a simple tweak that can make your life a little bit easier or just fit your personal preference.

Step by Step Tutorial to Enable or Disable Military Time on iPhone

Before we dive into the steps, keep in mind that following these instructions will result in the time being displayed in either AM/PM format or a 24-hour format across your iPhone.

Step 1: Open Settings

Navigate to your iPhone’s Settings app.

Opening the settings app is your gateway to customizing your iPhone’s functionalities, including time settings.

Step 2: Tap on General

Scroll down and tap on the General option in the Settings menu.

The General settings contain many of your iPhone’s core configurations.

Step 3: Select Date & Time

In the General settings, find and tap on the Date & Time option.

This is where you can adjust settings that affect how dates and times are displayed.

Step 4: Toggle the 24-Hour Time Switch

You will see a switch next to 24-Hour Time; toggle it to green to enable military time or white to disable it.

Flipping this switch is the final step in changing how time is displayed on your iPhone.


ClarityEnabling military time provides clear-cut, unambiguous communication of time, reducing the chance of confusion.
Professional UseFor those in industries that use military time, having your iPhone match this format can streamline workflow and coordination.
PreferenceSome users simply prefer the aesthetic or the method of reading time in a 24-hour format.


Adjustment PeriodIf you’re not used to reading military time, there might be an adjustment period where reading the time takes a bit longer.
Social SyncingIf your social circle uses the 12-hour format, you might have to convert times when making plans or appointments.
Lack of AM/PM IndicatorsWithout AM/PM indicators, it can take a moment to contextualize whether it’s morning or evening, especially at a quick glance.

Additional Information

Switching to military time on your iPhone is a small change, but like any change, it can take a bit of getting used to. If you’re new to the 24-hour clock format, practice reading the time throughout the day until it becomes second nature. Also, consider how this change might affect other devices you use. For instance, if you wear an Apple Watch, you’ll want to adjust its settings to match your iPhone.

Moreover, think about the apps you regularly use. Certain productivity or scheduling apps might function better with military time settings. Plus, if you travel often or work with international teams, using a 24-hour clock can help you easily adapt to different time zones without the confusion of AM and PM.

Remember, while this setting is easily accessible, it’s an individual preference. Use whichever format makes you comfortable and best suits your lifestyle.


  1. Open Settings
  2. Tap on General
  3. Select Date & Time
  4. Toggle the 24-Hour Time Switch

Frequently Asked Questions

Will changing to military time affect my alarms?

No, your alarms will still go off at the set time, regardless of the time display format.

Can I switch back to a 12-hour clock anytime?

Yes, you can toggle between 12-hour and 24-hour time formats as often as you like.

Does military time use colon separators?

Yes, military time on the iPhone will still display time with colon separators, for example, 14:00 for 2:00 PM.

Will enabling military time affect my calendar events?

No, your calendar events will remain at their scheduled times; only the way the time is displayed will change.

If I switch to military time, will it display in all apps?

Most apps will reflect this change, but some third-party apps may have their own settings that override the system default.


There you have it—a complete guide on how to enable or disable military time on your iPhone. This simple tweak can align your device with your personal, professional, or stylistic preferences. Whether you’re in the military, traveling across the world, or just want to switch things up, knowing how to change the time format on your iPhone is a nifty trick.

And hey, next time someone asks you what time it is, you can impress them with your 24-hour format skills. Go ahead, give it a try—after all, it’s about time your phone matched your vibe, right?

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