How to Offload Apps Automatically on iPhone in iOS 17: A Step-by-Step Guide

Offloading apps on an iPhone with iOS 17 is a simple process. Head into your Settings, tap on the App Store, and then toggle on the Offload Unused Apps feature. This will automatically remove apps that you haven’t used in a while but will keep all the documents and data associated with them. When you want to use the app again, just tap on its icon, and it will be reinstalled with all your data intact.

After completing the offloading process, the apps you don’t use regularly will be removed from your device, freeing up storage space. But don’t worry, you won’t lose any data. If you need the app again, it’s easy to get it back with all your information just as you left it.

You can also watch this video about how to offload apps automatically on iPhone in iOS 17 for more on this topic.


Ever been frustrated by that “Storage Almost Full” notification on your iPhone? It’s like the digital equivalent of someone telling you to clean your room. And let’s face it, cleaning up your iPhone’s storage can feel just as tedious. But what if I told you there’s a feature that could make this process a lot easier? Yes, you read that right. For all those iPhone users out there running iOS 17, there’s a nifty feature called ‘Offload Unused Apps’ that could be your storage-saving grace.

Now, you might be wondering why this is such a big deal. Well, for starters, our iPhones are like digital Swiss Army knives; they do everything for us. But with all those apps we download “just in case” or “for that one thing that one time,” our storage space can disappear faster than free samples at a bakery. That’s where offloading apps comes in handy. It’s like having a personal assistant who quietly removes the apps you don’t use, without throwing away any of your stuff. Pretty neat, huh?

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Step by Step Tutorial for Offloading iPhone Apps in iOS 17

The following steps will guide you through the process of automatically offloading apps on your iPhone to conserve storage space.

Step 1

Go to Settings on your iPhone.

Once you’re in settings, you’ll be in the control center of your iPhone. This is where you can adjust all kinds of settings to make your phone work just for you.

Step 2

Scroll down and tap on the ‘App Store’.

The App Store settings give you control over how apps are downloaded and managed on your device.

Step 3

Toggle on the ‘Offload Unused Apps’ option.

By turning this feature on, you’re giving your iPhone the green light to remove apps you haven’t used in a while, but don’t worry, it’s not going to touch any of your data.


Frees Up Storage SpaceOffloading unused apps clears up valuable storage space on your iPhone, allowing you to keep more important data or download new apps that you’ll actually use.
Keeps Data and DocumentsEven though the app is removed, all your documents and data are saved. So when you reinstall the app, it’s like you never deleted it in the first place.
Automatic and Hassle-FreeOnce the feature is enabled, it works in the background. You don’t have to manually go through your apps and decide which to delete.


Dependence on Re-DownloadingIf you’re in a pinch and need an app that’s been offloaded, you’ll need to re-download it, which can be inconvenient if you’re in a place with poor internet.
Might Offload Frequently Used AppsThe feature isn’t perfect. It might offload an app you use frequently but haven’t opened in a while, which can be a bit of a nuisance.
Not Ideal for Limited Data PlansFor those with limited data plans, re-downloading apps frequently can eat into your data allowance, which is something to consider before enabling this feature.

Video About Offloading iPhone Apps

Additional Information

When it comes to managing space on your iPhone, offloading apps is just the tip of the iceberg. If you’re wondering what else you can do, there are plenty of other options. For instance, did you know that messages can take up a surprising amount of space? Especially if they’re loaded with photos and videos. So, consider reviewing those and cleaning out any unnecessary media.

Also, let’s talk about photos and videos directly. They’re like the elephants in the room of iPhone storage. You can use the ‘Optimize iPhone Storage’ feature, which keeps smaller versions of photos on your iPhone while the full-resolution versions are saved in iCloud. Oh, and speaking of iCloud, it’s a great tool. You can move documents and files there to free up even more space. Just remember, with great power comes great responsibility – keep an eye on your iCloud storage capacity.


  1. Navigate to Settings.
  2. Tap on the ‘App Store’.
  3. Enable ‘Offload Unused Apps’.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does ‘offload’ mean?

Offloading an app means the app gets deleted from your iPhone, but all the data and documents stay put. When you reinstall the app, everything is right there waiting for you.

Will offloading apps delete my data?

Nope. Your data and documents for the app are saved. So when you bring back the app, it’s like it never left.

How does my iPhone decide which apps to offload?

Your iPhone looks at apps you haven’t used in a while and says “see ya” to those first.

Can I manually offload apps?

Sure can. Just go to the app settings and select ‘Offload App’ if you want to do it yourself.

Is offloading the same as deleting an app?

Not quite. Deleting an app also gets rid of all the data. Offloading is like putting the app in storage but keeping all your stuff inside.


In the ever-evolving world of technology, storage management has become a crucial aspect of our digital lives, and the ‘Offload Unused Apps’ feature on iOS 17 is a fantastic addition. It’s like having a clever little robot that tidies up after you, without throwing away anything important.

Always remember, though, that while offloading apps can give you a quick fix for storage woes, it’s also worth taking the time to regularly manage your digital belongings. Keep your iPhone’s storage shipshape, and you’ll never have to dread that “Storage Almost Full” notification again. Happy offloading, and may your iPhone storage be ever in your favor!

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